9 Health Benefits of Chasteberry

9 Health Benefits of Chasteberry

Wondering What Is Chasteberry? This is a small berry fruit of brown color from the small shrub known as “chaste tree”.  It also popularly called Vitex and is cultivated in the Eastern Mediterranean. Chasteberry resembles a lot like peppercorn and smells just like peppermint. This is well known for centuries for its many medicinal purposes and health benefits. These days you can buy Chasteberry supplements in a supplement form to obtain its many benefits.

9 Health Benefits of Chasteberry


Chasteberry is a well known natural source of progesterone hormone. The lower level of progesterone tends to cause menstrual problems like early, short,  heavy, no periods or very frequent periods. Consuming Chasteberry supplement daily for 2 months can help you ease PMS disorders.


Progesterone hormone is vital for conception & sustaining a pregnancy. Low progesterone levels are associated with the uterine lining thinning during pregnancy, & luteal phase defects that are the known cause of infertility & miscarriages). Consuming a Chasteberry capsule daily can help with the infertility problem and minimize the miscarriage risk naturally.

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Breasts Tenderness

9 Health Benefits of Chasteberry

This often occurs during pregnancy, menstruation, or while you breastfeed. Chasteberry is effective to lower the breast tenderness as it reduces the prolactin hormone release from the pituitary gland.

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Acne occurs due to many varied reasons. However, hormones imbalance in the body is one among them. Hormones fluctuations often affect the body and lead to breakouts of skin. As Chasteberry can regulate the hormones, this also helps to improve the skin quality. Hence Chasteberry is known as a woman’s best friend.


Chasteberry is essential for both young women and who are menstruating. It is useful in perimenopause that is also known as an early stage of menopause.  Chasteberry supplements help a menopausal woman to make it less stressful. Thus it is known as the best hormonal tonic for women. READ: Top 8 Health Benefits Of Probiotics Supplements & Foods | DuPont HOWARU® Probiotics

Prostate Cancer

Chasteberry is a well known herbal remedy to maintain body’s hormones level.  Chasteberry has also been used by men for years as a natural anti-androgen. This helps in lowering testosterone hormone and thus prevents prostate cancer.

Menstrual Cramps

This often occurs due to hormone imbalance. Effects of Chasteberry help in relieving the menstrual cramps. [READ: How to Improve Sex – 5 Tips To That You Can Follow]

Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids can cause various unpleasant symptoms for a difficult life. Chasteberry helps in balancing the progesterone to estrogen ratio that contributes to uterine fibroids.

Where to Buy Chasteberry Supplement (Zenith Nutrition Chaste Berry Capsules)

9 Health Benefits of Chasteberry

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9 Health Benefits of Chasteberry

Disclaimer: Do consult your Doctor before consuming any supplement to avoid any health issues.

Hope 9 Health Benefits of Chasteberry helps you stay Healthy and Fit!!!

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