Wiseshe Oval Brush Review

Wiseshe Oval Brush Review

Unique shaped makeup oval brushes have gained popularity. Its Christmas season and thus best time to introduce you to a best and most affordable Oval Brush. Anamika Sureka from wiseshe has recently launched set of Oval Brushes Wiseshe.

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Price of Wiseshe Oval Brush

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Wiseshe Oval Brush Review


My views about Wiseshe Oval Brush

The oval brush comes with a very convenient handle. This makes it great to apply primer, Concealer, Foundation, Bronzing, Setting Powder, Cheek Blush, and Cheek Contour. It’s easy to use on yourself or even on the clients for makeup. The density of this makeup brush makes it perfect for blending any sort of liquid, cream & powders.

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Wiseshe Oval Brush Review

This Makeup Oval Brush is available in black and gold finish. It is made of premium quality synthetic hair. The bristles of this brush are very dense and shaped really well for the best application. It has a very soft fluffy feel on the skin. The handles are made of flexible plastic material and are convenient to use.  Wiseshe Oval Brush is washable but doesn’t shed or color bleed.

This brush moves so well to apply the needed pressure.  It helps in the easy blending of product on the skin. Also, the makeup finish of powders and liquid with this good quality makeup tool looks so smooth.

Wiseshe Oval Brush Review

Wiseshe Oval Brush Review


Final verdict on Wiseshe Oval Brush

Overall Wiseshe Oval Brush is a great makeup brush for its stability, movability, and density. If you’re a makeup lover, this oval brush is a must add to your vanity collection.


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