Home DIY Fitness Exercises to Try

Home DIY Fitness Exercises to Try

One of the most convenient ways to exercise is to exercise from the comfort of your home. You won’t have to pay dues every month or queue up for limited equipment with many people amongst others. Based on this, it will be a great idea to start your own gym at home as opposed to regular payment of membership fees.

The cost of setting up a gym in your house could be very minimal and thus, you do not need to get scared with the fear that it is not affordable. You will be surprised at how little the amount you will need to start your own gym at home.

There are a lot of very affordable gym equipment you can purchase and you will have your own gym. You can get some of the best elbow compression sleeve at an affordable price.

While considering cost, however, it is important to get the right equipment for your gym. You should also go for equipment of high quality so that you can exercise safely and so that the equipment could last for a long time. Some equipment for home DIY fitness exercises to try are discussed below.

Elbow Compression Sleeves

Home DIY Fitness Exercises to Try

The elbow compression sleeves have a number of benefits. They help with improving the performance of the muscle, quick recovery as well as aiding frail joints and muscles. The elbow compression sleeves are easy to wash and comfortable to use.

You can easily wear the sleeve when in want to do your home exercising including weight lifting or using your mini stepper machine. During the sports, your joint will get some support, thereby giving you additional benefits and contributing to your fitness.

The best elbow compression sleeves are created out of soft fabrics and are available in various colors. The elastic feature of the sleeve makes it efficient for recovery. The best elbow compression sleeves are also very affordable.

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Olympic Barbell

Home DIY Fitness Exercises to Try

This product is very common DIY equipment for home gyms. It can be used by everybody, irrespective of gender and are available in 15 kg for females and 20kg for male standard mass.

The barbell is also designed in such a way that those made for women can be handled by people with smaller hands since on the average, females have smaller hands than men. As opposed to 28 to 29 bar shaft mm for barbell meant for males, the female version has a bar shaft of just 25mm.

You should, however confirm that the barbell fits your hand comfortably before you finally buy it. You might also want to make sure it has a PSI of 150,000 You should ignore not to buy anything that does not fit these recommendations.

Power Rack / Pull-Up Bar

Home DIY Fitness Exercises to Try

If you want to have an indoor fitness program that requires high intensity, then you should have this equipment in your gym. With the pull bar, your back can be properly worked out. The equipment are, however a bit expensive to purchase. If you can’t afford it, it is possible to build one at home.

There are various ways to set up your pull up bar. You can buy a bar that is mounted on the ceiling on the wall. There are also squat stands that come with pull up bars. It is also possible to purchase a power rack. Power racks are recommended as they provide you a safe environment for carrying out several activities within your gym including rack pulls and back squat amongst others. [READ: 4 Amazing Benefits Of Wearing A Waist Trainer ]


Home DIY Fitness Exercises to Try

Kettlebells are vital equipment in most home gyms across the world. You don’t have to buy a complete kettle set for a start, as the price could be a bit high. It is recommended to just buy the right sizes for you, especially for a start. With time, you can improve your stock at your own pace, without stretching your budget.

Avoid buying epoxy coated kettlebells. This is to avoid having flaking problems. Furthermore, ensure that casting or moulding layer is not part of the handle. This is common with cheap kettles. They could however, harm your hands, which is why you should avoid them. If you are big, you might want to go for a kettlebell with a large opening.

Glute Ham Developer (GHD)

Home DIY Fitness Exercises to Try

You can build your lower back, core back, glutes and hamstrings with the aid of the glute ham. This machine is mostly not available in commercial gyms, and thus, not very popular. You should, however, get this device for your home gym as it allows you to carry a wide range of sport.You can opt for the Legend Fitness GHD or Rogue GHD. The Rogue GHD is more affordable than the Legend Fitness GHD.

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