5 Ways To Become A More Attractive Lady

5 Ways To Become A More Attractive Lady

A natural desire of any woman is to be loved by men. In this quest she is ready to make different sacrifices: to keep strict diets, to pace oneself by prolonged physical exercise, to wear high heels and tight corsets. The boldest women decide on plastic surgery, expensive face-lifts, hazardous breast augmentation and liposuction. And of all this is in order to be charming, attractive and to conquer the hearts of men.

But are these sacrifices justified and appropriate? What attracts men to women and how to become a magnet for the opposite sex? Let`s figure out with these Vava Dating tips.

5 Ways To Become A More Attractive Lady


  1. Taking care of oneself

    5 Ways To Become A More Attractive Lady

Well-groomed women attract the attention of men at all times, and now it is no less important than hundreds of years ago. What does the concept a “well-groomed woman” include? Strictly speaking, modern social networking services with hundreds of photos of nice girls tell us about it. This means that a woman should control her health and appearance regularly. Health is very important, as any problems can affect a woman’s appearance immediately. Also, you should take care of your skin and hair.


2.     Femininity

5 Ways To Become A More Attractive Lady

Sometimes, you just have to be yourself. Femininity is already inherent in women’s nature. All manifestations of femininity attract attention. External manifestations are: feminine clothes, long hair, heels, jewelry, your light step, a soft voice and smooth movements. Internal – the ability to listen, to accept, to support, to encourage, to be patient, to remain silent if it is needed.

  • Smell

Maybe you will be surprised but men are very sensitive to smell. A correctly chosen perfume should be felt just before a coming of a well-groomed woman and to stay in the air even for some time after she left. So do not skimp on the perfume: let it be the one, but only “your” smell.

  • Voice

Many of women do not think about how they speak. It is clear that someone has a low husky sexy voice by nature, but not everyone’s voice is that. However, men rather react on a timbre and how a woman pronounces a phrase. So, your voice should be soft, gentle, without a trace of aggression and threats because it has to charm men.



3.     Confidence

5 Ways To Become A More Attractive Lady

Your confidence is a clear sign of your innate sexuality. Such a woman always knows what she wants and what a partner can give her, she is confident in her abilities. Men are very attracted by self-confidence of women as they hope to find an equal sexual partner.



4.     Naturalness

5 Ways To Become A More Attractive Lady

Of course, your coquetry and a seductive look is a strong weapon, but it is also important not to overreact in the desire to please a man. Artificiality, affectation and overly sexual appearance can scare him. This may be due to the fact that almost every man is afraid to be rejected. It means that he may be simply afraid to approach a very beautiful and frankly dressed woman. In the end, the girl achieves the opposite result and she is offered indecent proposals instead of serious intentions.



5.     An interesting conversationalist

Everyone likes to talk about oneself, likes to be called by name. This is worth to remember while communicating with a man. Men like a gentle and not very loud female voice, an ability to listen and to keep a conversation. You need to be able to listen attentively and to find positive moments in his story for making a good impression on a man. Men love to talk and they love to be listened to.


A woman should have a mystery, a charisma and an inner confidence in her own attractiveness and irresistibility. A woman should, first and foremost, love oneself and feel oneself like a woman. It definitely affects her appearance and a style. Such a woman radiates a positive and optimistic attitude to life and to people and it attracts interesting and serious men into her life.



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