Softsens Baby Products Review

Softsens Baby Products Review

We as mothers want the best for our babies. From food to clothes to skincare products; everything. We always want to ensure the skincare products that we use are very gentle and mild for the toddler’s skin. Keeping this in mind, we introduce to you a new baby care product brand called “Softsens”. This Indian brand of baby bath & body care products has everything of superior quality at the best price.

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What Softsens Baby claims?

At Softsens, all our products are “Inspired by Moms, and Developed by Experts!” Yes, we have a team of awesome in-house experts working on creating 100% safe and superior products for your baby.

Our mission is to provide you with fun, convenient, safe, easy, efficient, sustainable, and affordable products to ensure that you have everything you need to make motherhood the most blissful experience of your life.

Softsens Baby Products Review


Softsens Baby Bath & Body Products are:

  • Softsens Baby Wipes
  • Softsens Baby Powder
  • Softsens Baby Massage Oil
  • Softsens Baby Soap
  • Softsens Baby Shampoo
  • Softsens Baby Wash
  • Softsens Baby Cream
  • Softsens Baby Lotion


Softsens Baby Wipes Review

Softsens Baby Products Review

These wipes are very soft, mild and gentle on baby’s skin.  They also contain good moisture to cleanse the skin well without making it dry.  The absorbent cloth fabric of this baby wipes contains lotion, Vitamin E, & Aloe Vera.

Price of Softsens Baby Wipes: Rs.65


Softsens Baby Powder

Softsens Baby Products Review

This baby powder has so soft floral smell that won’t bother your baby. It’s gentle and also works on rashes apply this powder on your kid’s skin to keep them sweat-free, dry, cool and soft the entire play day.

Price of Softsens Baby Powder: Rs.110 for 200 gm



Softsens Baby Massage Oil Review

Softsens Baby Products Review

This clear baby massage oil smells amazing and has a very light consistency. It contains vitamin E and olive extracts and spreads easily on the skin. This has actually made my baby’s skin soft than before with its pure mineral oils.

Price of Softsens Baby Massage Oil: Rs.100 for 100ml.

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Softsens Baby Soap, Shampoo and Wash Review

Softsens Baby Products Review

All of these bath and body products from softsens are very mild and gentle on the baby’s delicate skin. They help in profoundly nourishing their skin without taking off the natural skin oils. These don’t irritate my little one’s eyes.

Price of Softsens Baby Soap: Rs.45

Price of Softsens Baby Shampoo: Rs.165

Price of Softsens Baby Wash: Rs.150



Softsens Baby lotion and Cream Review

Softsens Baby Products

Both these Softsens Baby products have the best moisturizing formula to nourish our baby’s delicate skin. It’s non-greasy and has a quite lightweight texture that gets easily absorbed into their skin easily.  These contain natural milk cream & shea butter that helps in maintain my baby’s soft skin. I think this will be my favorite winter skincare products for baby.

Price of Softsens Baby Cream: Rs.135

Price of Softsens Baby Lotion: Rs.150



Final verdict on Softsens Baby Products

Overall, the Softsens Baby products are getting an excellent response for its effective, best quality, and gentleness and all of this at an affordable price. The cute packaging, travel-friendly plastic bottles, gentle fragrance, Hypoallergenic, 100% safe for baby, parabens, chemical, Alkali, synthetic colors free are few highlights of this otherwise awesome products. Also, Softsens Baby Products are suitable for all skin types and especially for new-born babies.


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