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#CleanUpCashOut Garage Sale Story With Cashify

#CleanUpCashOut Garage Sale Story With Cashify

We live in suburbs of Mumbai and it’s located in a fairly residential area.  So, the regular selling out process for our old stuff is giving it to the Bhangarwala.  And how much will he pay me? Few hundreds! Well, I am talking about a branded TV in working condition.

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Firstly, why did I want to sell the TV? Well, we live in a modern tech world and I have a gadget freak husband. So, the combo definitely desired for a new big smart TV. Also, we wanted our little one to watch all her nursery rhymes on TV but all that without any messy CD’s, Pendrives or Bluetooth.

#CleanUpCashOut Garage Sale Story With Cashify

So finally, we decided to buy one on the auspicious festival occasion of Diwali. During this festival in India, a lot of people decide to sell out their old stuff to buy the new ones.

Well, we quickly realized that it was a completely different ball game when compared to hawk off smaller gadgets like smartphones or electronics. Firstly, the television is so bulky and heavy and thus you can’t mail it to the other state for its shipping charges. So, the smartest option was to sell the television to the buyer directly.

We started our hunt on the google portal and the line “Now Sell your old LCD, LED or TV on Cashify & Get instant Cash at your home!” caught our eyes. So this time we decided to sell the TV in a hassle free way with cashify. After all, it has a free pick up and instant cash service.

All I had to do is select the Brand, Size & Condition of TV. And voila! My work is done, it gave me a good quote to sell my TV online. Just enter few personal details and choose the pickup time and date. Without any hassle, my TV was sold for a good price and there was an immediate cash payment. Now, what better can it be that the Diwali clearance sale and get cash on Dhanteras!


Your old product can be totally junky/ still in good condition, don’t just throw your old electronics in the trash. As they contain toxins inside that can harm the environment with landfill. Also, it’s basically throwing away your hard earned money! So it’s a best option to sell your old electronics or gadgets like mobile phone, laptop, tablet, TV, iMac and gaming consoles for cash.

Just Select your device on cashify, and unlock the best selling price as per your gadget & the current market price of your gadget. After accepting the price quote for your device, they also arrange for a free pick up. Get Instant Cash while pickup or through your chosen payment mode.

#CleanUpCashOut Garage Sale Story With Cashify

Few things we considered while selling our TV

  • Sell something that’s in a good condition and not wonky.
  • Be it scratches or any minor issues, be honest.
  • Always keep great pictures handy. By this, we mean clear, bright & clean product photo.
  • Keep your selling Price reasonable and competitive. Slightly lower is always more preferred.
  • Sell it early and have patience.

You too can sell your old mobile phone, laptop, tablet, TV, iMac and gaming consoles online for cash #CleanUpCashOut

#CleanUpCashOut Garage Sale Story With Cashify

Overall, our experience with Cashify was amazing and unexpected. Do try this website that turn your used electronics into money. Also, the great service and value for old products are the plus points. You can also use the promo code CLEANCASH to get additional Rs.250 on the gadgets sale!


Image source: pixabay

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