Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo Review

Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo Review

For hair care, I have always preferred an herbal shampoo for their genuine ingredients. Hence presenting you an herbal shampoo from the popular hair care products brand “Kesh Nikhar”. They are a manufacturer of herbal products and have various natural product range for your beautiful skin and hair.

Let’s check Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo Review

What Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo claims?

A specially formulated shampoo for removing dandruff, deep cleansing and maintaining a beautiful shine of your hairs. Loaded with extra conditioners, your hairs would love the freshness of amla, reetha and shikakai extracts.

Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo


Price of Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo

Rs.50/-, Rs.150/- & Rs.230/- for 100ML, 500ML & 1000ML

This is available at all leading departmental stores in India & Major Online retailers. Buy it HERE

Ingredients list of Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo

Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo

My views about Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo

This herbal hair shampoo comes in a white plastic bottle and the product color is charcoal grey. It has a very organic smell and I think that’s because of the Reetha. [READ: Oranges: 17 Amazing Health, Beauty, & Hair Benefits]

The texture of the shampoo is smooth and lathers well to spread easily on you tresses. The liquid consistency helps in easy application and for its mild formulation, this herbal shampoo can also be used daily.

Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo

Also, a one-time wash is enough for my oiled hair and doesn’t need re-application. But, it isn’t too harsh and doesn’t make my hair look rough and dry. It contains the goodness of pure herbal & natural ingredients that help in maintaining the PH level, improves hair density & roughness. Follow it with Oshea Herbals Smoother Hair Serum 

The content of Reetha in shampoo helps to cure any bacterial infections on your scalp. Shikakai in shampoo helps in dandruff problems reduction and useful to make your hair look long, thick and strong. This also contains Amla that helps in prevention of premature graying. Coconut Oil in shampoo definitely improves hair-fall & split-ends while adding shine, luster, and softness to my hair.

Final verdict on Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo

Overall, Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo is the best shampoo for all kinds of hair to make one’s hair more shiny, healthy & beautiful. I can genuinely trust this product for its Purity of herbals & natural ingredients that works well on rough & thick hair.

Do leave your thoughts on Kesh Nikhar Herbal Shampoo!

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