Costs Involved In An ACL Repair Surgery

Costs Involved In An ACL Repair Surgery

Knowing the ACL surgery cost in advance before you book the surgery packages online will let you pre-plan the expenses and be repaired for the high expenses involved in doing an ACL repair treatment.

A breakdown of the ACL surgery cost

ACL surgery cost

Pre-operative costs:

The surgeon will recommend all or a few of the pre-ops tests before he does the ACL surgery. Some tests may be necessary for all patients and other tests may be done only if the patient has a certain health risk.

The tests that need to be done are:

  • Blood test
  • MRI
  • Physical examination
  • Chest x-ray
  • ECG
  • LFT
  • Coagulation test

The tests are done on a case to case basis. The pre-operation expenses should be added to the ACL surgery cost in Mumbai.


Cost of the surgery:

 The ACL surgery cost will typically include all of the following:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anaesthetic fee
  • Charges of the operation theatre
  • Cost of the graft
  • Cost of fixing the graft like materials and screw
  • Cost of surgery consumables
  • Anaesthesia medicine


Costs involved after the surgery:

ACL surgery cost After one is operated, he may have to stay back in the hospital for 2 days and go through the post-operative surgery rehabilitation. This includes movement that is guided by a physical therapist and other pain relief medications. The costs that are involved here are:

  • Pain relief medicines
  • Cost for the physiotherapy and rehabilitation appointments
  • Cost of consumables like brace, dressing, and crutches
  • Post-surgery hospitalization costs


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The variation in ACL surgery cost

There may be a lot of variation in the ACL surgery cost when one visits several hospitals. The difference is sure to cause a lot of confusion among patients who fail to understand why there are such huge differences in cost.

The ACL surgery cost varies due to a number of reasons:

·        The procedure type

·        The surgeon’s experience and demand

·        The graft quality

·        The finishing method of the graft

·        The facility of the hospital

·        The physiotherapy treatment post-surgery


Managing the ACL surgery cost

There are ways by which one could manage the cost of doing an ACL repair surgery. If a patient is finding it difficult to fund the cost but at the same time is not willing to compromise on the quality of the surgery then he can:

·        Look for orthopedic surgeons who are good but not very expensive.

·        Select a graft that is optimal. The right graft should be selected based on the age and the functional demands of the patient. The graft should also be chosen based on any pre-existing pain in the anterior.

·        Evaluate whether he needs a full-time nurse and a private room and reduce the unavoidable costs. He may also look to get the surgery done by a doctor in a hospital that does not provide ultra-luxurious facilities



ACL surgery cost

The other ways to prepare for an ACL repair surgery is to help oneself by physically and mentally preparing for the surgery. The patient can also take a balanced diet and maintain his blood sugar levels in case he is diabetic.

ACL surgeries are covered by most medical insurance companies. In case the medical insurance covers ACL treatment, then the patient needs to talk to the surgeon in advance and get all the documents ready. Also, he needs to get the necessary authorization form from the medical insurance company. The insurance company may not reimburse the full amount but even if it is a percentage it can make the treatment affordable.


Do consult your Doctors for any further ACL surgery cost queries!

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