A Letter To My Child’s Nursery Class Teacher

A Letter To My Child’s Nursery Class Teacher

Dear Teacher,

Thank you for welcoming my child (Mishti) in such a happy manner to the first day of school. Though she doesn’t seem to be very happy with this new school (Nursery). As she has been accustomed to personal care and love by the playgroup teachers. I know you’re definitely a best, dedicated and wonderful teacher who takes care of their students very well. The beginning of the school looked quite busy, but I am writing this letter to let you know more about my very loving child. She is a great learner and very observant, but at the same time very introvert and sensitive to a new person. Hence, she’s a bit anxious about this new school, teachers, and friends.

I don’t want to brag here, but my child is very special which has surely brought us many unexpected challenges. I’m sure you have seen very loving students aren’t always well behaved, smarter, or mature when compared to other students. But, my child is well mannered, mature enough and smart.  She is a very creative and smart kid who thinks a bit differently, and all that after a good observation. Last year, the school was too easy for my kid for a few reasons.

She needs very special care and smiles while away from us. Teachers in pre-school gave her personal attention that helped them know about her pros and cons. that’s definitely not possible now, but she will take time.  I’m sure you know how children of a nuclear family are more pampered, fussy eater and stubborn–that is exactly my kid. She is just not a perfect student some teachers expect her to be. Makes me feel like we have pampered her a lot and introduced her less to the outside world. But, that’s how the city is and nearby surrounding we live in! I hope you understand.

Parenting a child for me has been the most beautiful moment and we have tried to make her a well-behaved child.  Just want to let you know, she learns the most when she’s happy and in the enjoyable mood!


Initially, of her sensitive personality and fear, she may choose to stay alone and not talk much. But that will gradually get better with time. Btw, she’s very talkative too! I know you as a teacher be incredibly busy, but please take care of my child in your class.

Thank you so much for being the best Teacher! Have a wonderful school year!


Yours Sincerely,

Mom of a Nursery Child


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A Letter To My Child’s Nursery Class Teacher

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