10 Easy Ways To Reduce The Indoor Air Pollution Ft. Royale Atmos

10 Easy Ways To Reduce The Indoor Air Pollution Ft. Royale Atmos

Indoor air pollution often leads to many health hazards when compared to outdoor air pollution. These can be allergies, contagious, toxins, or radiation having effects such as fatigue, respiratory distress or even death. Few sources of indoor air pollutant are dusty furniture, Aerosol sprays, scented candles, dust mites, pet shedding & air fresheners. Hence, it’s essential to eliminate all indoor air pollution that is easily manageable and look for a cost-effective one.

Thus, we get you 10 Easy Ways To Reduce The Indoor Air Pollution Ft. Royale Atmos



1. Use Well-Ventilated Areas

Make sure to use your hair sprays, varnish and nail polishes in well-ventilated areas. This will help in the free flow of air and thus can lower the health consequences like cancer or lung problems.


2. Keep Your Kitchen Well-Ventilated

Cooking at home produces carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons due to incomplete combustion. Hence, your gas stove must be near to the windows to avoid any serious health issues in the long-term. It is also necessary to Install an exhaust fan in the kitchen to reduce any humidity to lower the chances mold & mildew. Molds contain tiny particles which cause serious illness like colds, coughs or fungal infections.


3. Open Your Windows

10 Easy Ways To Reduce The Indoor Air Pollution Ft. Royale Atmos

Make sure to keep your entire house properly ventilated. This helps in the free flow of fresh air and sunlight in your home indoors. Opening the windows is the best, easy and simple way to reduce indoor air pollution.


4. No Smoke Indoors

Smoking indoors can lead to the smoke & toxic substances accumulation that makes poor indoor air quality. In addition, Smoke is linked with many cancer-causing substances that affect human health.

Also, if you have a fireplace make sure to keep the flue damper fully open. It reduces small dust & smoke particles accumulation from your fireplace.


5. Woo Odors; Don’t Hide Them

Do you know the best way to avoid indoor odors? No, it’s not by using some air freshener or artificial fragrances! Using these can worsen the problem as it contains VOCs & phthalates that cause harm to your health. Hence, it is best to find the source of such odors and try to eliminate or clean such areas using homemade solutions, cleaners or baking soda. Make use of homemade cleaners as much as possible as artificial ones contain environmental unfriendly chemicals. These can also cause asthma or respiratory problems or asthma.


6. Minimize Artificial Fragrances

10 Easy Ways To Reduce The Indoor Air Pollution Ft. Royale Atmos

All fragrance lovers minimize the usage of air fresheners. Make use of pure essential oils that will good indoor air quality. Say no to scented & commercially made candles as they lead to indoor air pollution. Most candles have paraffin wax that emits toluene and benzene (carcinogenic substances) when burnt. While scented candles contain artificial fragrances.


7. Chemical Free Home

Make your house chemical free by reducing indoor chemical use. Many household products like cleaners, dyes, pesticides, laundry detergents contain chemicals that cause air pollution.


8. Keep Your House Clean And Clutter-Free

Seal any cracks in the house to keep out all pests and insects. Fix water leaks to avoid humid air and moisture in your indoor environment. Do regular Cleaning and dusting of the house to get rid of bacteria, mites, mold, mildew, pet dander, & pollen. This will also improve the indoor air quality and reduce indoor air pollution.

Carpets are home ground for dust particles, thus it’s advisable to remove them to control indoor air pollution. These dust particles can cause chronic lung problems like asthma and coughs.

Always cover the trash in your house to keep insects and pets away.


9. Paint Your House

Yes, you got that right! Painting de-clutter, rejuvenated and helps you get rid of any dirt and mites in the house. Paint your homes with Asian Paint Royale Atmos that helps in reducing harmful air pollutants while making the air cleaner. This comes with an activated carbon technology to absorb different foul smells and thus make the air fresher. This paint from the brand Asian Paints helps in air purification & also improves the air quality in your home. You can easily wash the walls without spoiling the paint and they are quite durable too.

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10. Houseplants To Purify Air

10 Easy Ways To Reduce The Indoor Air Pollution Ft. Royale Atmos

Use houseplants to purify the indoor air in a natural way. They also help to get rid of r toxins from your house. You can use houseplants like the spider plant, English ivy, Boston fern & peace lily to reduce indoor air pollution.


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