VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil Review

VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil Review

I’m not a much fan of facial oil but they surely tempt me to use them for their claims. I have oily, sensitive and acne prone skin and thus avoid using any oily products on my face. This came into my October fabbag and thus, as usual, I at least try them once. If it suits my skin I use it regularly.

Let’s check review on VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil


What VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil claims?

Just add a few drops to your daily skin regime and it deep cleans all the impurities from the skin. It contains key ingredients like Frankincense, Chamomile, and Benzoin known to help rejuvenate skin, improve blood circulation, and make skin soft and glowing.

VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil

Price of VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil

Rs.425 for 50ml

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VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil


Ingredients list

Apricot Kernel oil, Grape Seed oil, Palmarosa Leaf extract, Frankincense Oleo gum Resin extract, Benzoin Resin extract, Saffron extract, Roman chamomile Flower extract, Vitamin E, Soya Lecithin, Base Q.S.

VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil

My views about VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil

This Facial Oil comes in an elegant blue plastic bottle and has a silver cap over it. The dispenser makes it easy to take the product and makes it hygienic and travel-friendly.

VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil

I used this as a face serum before applying moisturizer. Love its strong Frankincense scent. You may feel it a bit heavier than the regular face serum as it’s an oil. I think this is a best facial serum for dry skin. Just apply, massage and it gets so easily absorbed into the skin, leaving a bright skin glow.
Didn’t notice any big difference post regular application, but it’s surely a good facial oil for winter or dry skin. The ingredient list is surely very fascinating to me and the best part is, it didn’t break me out on my skin.

VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil

Final verdict on VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil

Cleansing Facial oil from VedaEarth is a good skincare product to moisturize your dry skin. It doesn’t suit my oily and skin much, but will surely try this one during winters as a face moisturizer.


Do leave your thoughts on VedaEarth Cleansing Facial Oil!

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