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How A Plate Full Of Biryani Can Make You Healthy

How A Plate Full Of Biryani Can Make You Healthy

Recently, a leading news website, Indian Today has published a report which states that India is the third ranked country in the world with a high number of people suffering from obesity. This fact seems really bizarre in a country like India, where half of the population still lives below the poverty line and the remaining half are on ‘dieting’. How can India still cater to such a high number of overweight people? Certainly, the people of this country are doing something wrong with their health. In this trend, the common thing which can be seen is their distance from the local foods. Talk to any normal person who is supposed to be “Health Conscious”,  and they can tell you endless drawbacks of eating high-calorie food. And they seem to be right too! We all want to look our best and by that, it means at our thinnest. Hence, a plate full of biryani is something you would hardly touch. Correct?

How A Plate Full Of Biryani Can Make You Healthy

But before you blindly start running in this race, give a thought to it and think at what cost are you achieving it? And more importantly does being thinner necessarily makes you beautiful? Does it really empower you to wear what you want to wear? Aren’t we stereotyping beauty?

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If we use our brain we realize that what really looks good on us is the sheer amount of confidence and a healthy body. Yes, that’s all we need to look great on any special day and thankfully it doesn’t take away the yummy food from you. How liberating the feeling is when you can actually get a healthy body without suffering yourself with a tasteless food. Yes, you can remain healthy as long as you are adding native ingredients in any dish, such as biryani. The dish is very popular worldwide and you can search the yummiest biryani outlet with exciting Zomato Coupons. A typical dish of biryani is loaded with Rice, chicken, bay leaves, cardamoms, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, onions, garlic, turmeric, yogurt and most importantly ghee.

How A Plate Full Of Biryani Can Make You Healthy

But most of these ingredients are turned into a villain and we are constantly told not to eat them. This trend is not new, it has been there since the 70s when commercially packaged products started the revolution. In those times it was the fat which was framed in the negative light and it was replaced with low-fat products. But soon the market for new commercial products emerged and the villain is changed. Today the villains are carbs and sugar! Can you guess the reason behind this shift? Well, it’s because there is a market for non-carbs products. We are told that carbs are bad for you. But have you ever wondered what can happen to your body when you don’t eat enough of carbs? In such a situation the level of sugar in your body drops below the normal range of 70-99 mg/dL. This leads to hypoglycemia after which your body starts burning fat to get instant energy and making you even more hungry. As a result, you end up eating more than your limit.” We are not very far from a time when even consuming protein can be seen as unhealthy. The history of commercialization has shown us how you can frame any product in the negative light.

Rice, ghee, potatoes are all considered as a big NO-NO if you are dieting! Nearly everyone has inculcated this myth and thus following an unhealthy way to become healthy. No wonder why all health conscious refrains themselves from eating biryani, a dish which comprises these three ingredients in a good amount. The myth created and sustained around Rice reflects not only our ignorance about our ancient diet but also failing to understand the science behind this ingredient. We are told that rice has carbs so avoid eating it. But is there any food which has only carbs or protein?

Carbs are essential for our body and eating rich can help you get all your amino acids. Hence, you don’t have to depend on market protein supplements for essential amino acids. Ghee is another such ingredient which has anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties, making it excellent for getting a glowing skin. Now can you understand why your granny still glow at this age?

How A Plate Full Of Biryani Can Make You Healthy


Thus, as per this science, there seems absolutely no reason, why you should refrain yourself from eating Biryani. So enjoy your yummy biriyani at great discounts with Biryani Blues Coupons.


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A good healthy food which is packed with carbs, sugar, and vitamins is the best way to maintain your body well.  Your portion, the timing of meal and exercise will keep everything in check. You can now avail your favorite biryani online and get insane discounts at every order. So enjoy the taste of biryani freely and reap its health benefits.


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