Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion Review

Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion Review

Our baby’s skin is very delicate and gentle. And thus we all moms want something really best and safe for our baby’ super soft skin. While cleansing their body parts with soap/body wash is essential, even moisturizing is equally important. Since a good lotion for baby helps it retain their body’s natural skin oil and keep them soft.

Let’s check Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion Review

What Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion claims?

The Pigeon baby lotion is ideal for mothers who are keen to invest in a quality product that keeps their baby’s skin feeling soft and nice for longer durations. The Pigeon baby milky lotion 200ml consists of substances like olive oil extracts, rosehip, jojoba as well as chamomile that work as a natural soothing agent for your baby’s skin keeping it glowing and soft. Also, the Pigeon baby lotion contains crucial Vitamin E extracts that are extremely important for the regular nourishment of your baby’s skin. [Read: Rosehip Oil for Skin: Effective DIY Recipes]

Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion

Price of Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion

Rs.285 for 200ml

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Ingredients List

Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion

My views about Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion

Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion comes in a white plastic bottle with a flip cap. This helps to get just the right quantity needed and makes it travel-friendly and hygienic to use. I massage my baby with this Lotion & she loves this calming feel.

Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion

Just dispense the needed quantity, rub between your palms and apply all over your baby’s delicate body parts. Thibabyay lotion has a non-sticky formula and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. Also, the floral smell is super amazing.

The creamy formula and perfect texture help to make the baby’s skin even soft and supple. I have also used this baby body lotion during winters and must say it’s also good enough for cold days as well. My baby has dry skin and this lotion defiantly helps in moisture locking and dry patches prevention.

Love the fact that it’s totally cruelty-free*, has impressive ingredients and free from chemical, paraben, sulphates & coloring agents. This lotion also claims to have anti-inflammatory properties that are best for your baby has sensitive skin or eczema.

Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion

Final verdict on Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion

This is the best baby lotion from my experience. It works really well on dry skin and even during sold winters to keep your baby’s delicate skin super soft, smooth and moisturized. Plus. Its cruelty-free, chemicals free and paraben free that are surely important to me.

Do leave your thoughts on Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion!

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