My Best Friend: My English Pathshala Teacher

My Best Friend: My English Pathshala Teacher

We speak Hindi at home and it obviously isn’t a sin. Being an Indian we must know our national language “Hindi”, then why do all become so conscious about learning and speaking English? Why so much Importance of English in India? Well, India has diverse states speaking different languages and English has become a link for better communication. Also, all studies, official departments, work and advanced knowledge are available in English like science, math, technology & medicine. We surely don’t want to lag behind in any higher fields of study by gaping up English.

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Few words here and there, but we never spoke an entire English statement at home. My parents knew to read and write in this international language English, but speaking up was a task as we weren’t so firmly rooted in this language. Till my pre schooling, English wasn’t much importance for them. But, they slowly understood the importance of this second language “English” in India. Defiantly they tried all tips and tricks to inculcate this language into our daily routine and my mind, but that was a forceful thing and we could hardly stick to this for a week. And slowly it all began with “Hindi” again!

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Finally, after three years, they realized I was getting better into the English vocabulary. They gave all credit to the school and teachers. Yes, that’s right too! But I think I have a secret to tell here! My Best Friend: My English Pathshala Teacher

It wasn’t all because of the school and studies but also my best friend. She was Catholic and hardly spoke Hindi. Thus, initially, I had very bad time talking in English with her. Slowly I started learning English in Fun and Easy ways while having good times and in my own comfort zone. She would still communicate with me in whatever ways, words and sentence (tutti-futti) English I spoke, which was surely a productive method. She was my classmate, best friend, tuition mate and we always sat next to each other, came home together and played together so we would spend about approximately 8 hours together and that’s how I learned English at my pace.

She had a habit of writing English songs that her elder siblings would play loudly every day. The next day she would get this to me and we would sing it aloud as a Sing Karaoke. I think even this improved my English speaking skills and the “learn mode” went on and on…  Btw, she learned to speak well in Hindi and sing Bollywood songs too in my companion.

I think all these speaking, reading, singing and watching definitely help one learn better English.


Thank you, my dear friend, who helped me overcome this English hurdle in my life. Here I am a Business Women, Freelance Writer, and a Blogger now. For this, I thank my Parents, teachers and of course you to help me be a successful person today.


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