Rakhi Gift Ideas- Jewellery Gifts for Your Sister

Rakhi Gift Ideas- Jewellery Gifts for Your Sister

Rakhi or as we like to call it Raksha Bandhan, is the sacred bond between siblings. Yes, the same siblings that we fought with over the TV remote, the same siblings that helped cover up our mistakes with our parents, the same siblings we love as much as we hate, the same sibling we stole chocolates from and the same sibling that always protected us from life. There is nothing more valuable to a brother than his sister’s love and nothing more valuable to a sister than the security her brother gives her. And raksha bandhan is nothing but an iteration of this fact.

Raksha Bandhan literally translates into a bond of protection. Mythology has found references to rakhis being tied to brothers by their sisters on varying occasions, but we can’t pin point to a specific time in mythology or history. What we do know is that rakhi celebrations are generally a lot of fun and full of love between brothers and sisters. The ritual involves sisters tying rakhis on their brothers’ wrist, while praying for their wellbeing and health. Post, which, brothers give gifts to their sisters. []

Now, the gifting part is the toughest job for brothers. The whole process of finding that perfect gift that they can give their sisters to show them exactly how much they mean to them and encapsulate the unsaid promise they make to each other is quite the feat. They want to gift their sisters something they will cherish for their lives and at the same time serve as a constant reminder of the bond they share with their sibling. And what better way to achieve this than by gifting her jewellery? As any brother will know, women love jewellery and the most auspicious day to celebrate their camaraderie should be marked by something that she will hold dear to her heart for years to come.

Rakhi Gift Ideas- Jewellery Gifts for Your Sister

When it comes to jewellery as rakhi gifts for your sister, the options are endless. You can start with rings, bracelets, pendant, necklaces, charms, earrings and so much more! This Raksha Bandhan, shower your sister with love and diamonds and give her the gift of glitter! If you’re having a tough time picking the perfect jewels for her, don’t worry, there are a lot of options available to you. Step one is to notice, observe and deduce what kind of jewellery she wears- rings, pendants, chains, watches, earrings, bracelets. Then, you go online and find the perfect vendor, like Rockrush, to sort out your jewellery gifting woes. Step 3 will be to browse their collection and finally pick what it is that you think you sister dearest will love.

Rakhi Gift Ideas- Jewellery Gifts for Your Sister

A great way to go about it would be to get a piece of jewellery personalized for her! Nothing will cement this moment of familial joy like a perfect bracelet or a diamond studded ring that marks a date, an inside joke or a phrase that resonates with you and your sibling. Further in the world of personalization, if you have an older sister, a cutesy pendant that says Big Sister would be a charming way to say thanks to her for extending your “pocket money”, covering up for you with your parents, always sharing her food with you and forever having your back. If you have a pair of sisters, matching pendants would be the perfect way to maintain the peace as well as serve as the ideal present for them both!

Rakhi Gift Ideas- Jewellery Gifts for Your Sister

There is an array of options for you to explore from, so get shopping and gift your sister a piece of jewellery that she will love, appreciate and treasure forever!

Do let us know your favorite among- Rakhi Gift Ideas- Jewellery Gifts for Your Sister!!

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