How to Treat Acne in Summer

How to Treat Acne in Summer

The letter of introduction of men and women is his face. Maintaining perfect skin is very complicated and requires many sacrifices. If you also have some more specific problem, such as acne, the care you should apply is even greater.

Creams, peels, home remedies, and masks… There are many and varied options to combat it, but we will then focus on offering you all the keys to know how to treat acne in summer. Take note of the following recommendations!

Grains are one of the problems that worry many women. Many young girls want to know how to fight juvenile acne, but as many women want to know how to treat acne in adults. Precisely, we have thought both in one and in others, and then we show you the most effective recommendations to know how to treat acne in summer.


How to Treat Acne in Summer

1. Do not smoke

You should not smoke or get away from the smoker. It is proven that tobacco is an acne-promoting factor and acts on active smokers and passive smokers.

According to studies, these have shown that smoking is a factor that causes the appearance of acne. However, this substance not only acts on active smokers but also on active liabilities. As you can see, tobacco is not only harmful to your lungs or your heart; your skin will also be affected.


2. A pimple because of Hair Removal

If you are a boy and you are in full youth, I assure you that shaving is the most dreaded activity of your daily tasks.

The main problem is usually shaving causes new outbreaks of pimples. It makes us look for solutions such as shaving less (leaving a day for example).


3. Avoid dairy

How to Treat Acne in Summer

Milk, yogurts, cheeses… These are foods very rich in vitamins and are very necessary for any diet. However, if you have acne problems, it is wise to remove them from your diet plan.

Do not abuse dairy foods. Through the stimulation on the insulin of milk substances and derivatives, it increases inflammation and worsens acne. Eye to milk ice cream taken in excess at this time.


4. Take the sun with caution

How to Treat Acne in Summer

Many of you are looking forward to the first rays of the sun to lie down and tan. However, you have to pay close attention to the effects of this on your skin.

Stains, skin cancer, melanomas … These are some of the most common problems caused by excessive exposure to the sun.

But here we show another effect, in this case, positive: its effects on acne. Studies have shown that 70% of patients with acne is improved by the action of the sun. However, it should be noted that a further 30% is worsened by the effects of the sun. Despite the benefits we have pointed out, we remind you that you should always take the sun in moderation and, above all, apply for protection.


5. Cosmetics

You must measure the use and application of cosmetics. In the case of using them, these should be free of fats and not contain substances that do not produce the comedones or cysts, typical of acne. Also, we recommend that twice a week you use an astringent mask to reduce excess fat and you can purify your skin.


6. Do not touch the pimples

How to Treat Acne in Summer

It is a more important question than you could a priori think. If you touch the pimples, you can cause injuries. Manipulating the beans also produces inflammation and scars. If you have any marks, take note of these tips to eliminate the marks of the grains.


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