Fashion for Rainy Season – Women

Fashion for Rainy Season – Women

We all have a tendency of feeling extremely clumsy when it comes to dressing up, especially in the rainy season, as it takes a lot of thinking to know what to wear and what we’ll be able to pull off well in the season. So, here are some tricks and hacks for clothing, to know what you can feel comfortable yet confident in.


Fashion for Rainy Season – Women

  • Avoid the whites as much as possible. Yes, we know that the whites look quite good in this season, but that’s only limited to the buildings and monuments. The whites get very dirty and look really bad if worn in monsoon as they get stained and become transparent once wet.
  • The long trousers and pants are a big NO NO for this season, simply because it makes a person very conscious of her attire and it’s a task to carry them well. Rather, every woman out there should opt for the three-fourths or shorts; they look comfortable enough and are not a deal to carry well.

Fashion for Rainy Season – Women

  • For the office goers, it’s a must to wear short formal skirts or the ones who aren’t very comfortable wearing shorts can go for dark colored leggings paired with a kurti; as some offices do allow women to wear the semi-formal clothes. Finding these on discounted price at Jabong or Myntra won’t be a deal.
  • Long dupattas don’t go well with the monsoons, it’s a better deal to pair the kurti and legging or churidars with stoles or small scarfs. Staying away from fabrics that tend to bleed colors is better as we are not sure when it begins to pour and ruin our clothes.
  • Coming to the colors that go well with this climate are basically the darker ones. Like black, maroon, olive green, burnt orange, red, navy blue, grey, etc. except these, even the pinks look good in this weather.
  • The foot wears worn in this season should be light and easy to manage. Shoes, heels, leather boots, etc. are a big no for the season as they soak water and don’t dry down quickly. Instead, wear slippers, jelly shoes, flats or floaters; depending upon the attire you would like to carry.
  • Hair is a mess in rains. It goes all messy and irritating; so, it’s better to tie a bun or pull a pony or a braid will just go with the weather.

Fashion for Rainy Season – Women


  • The make-up should be minimum and waterproof so that you don’t look like you’ve cried an ocean by the end of the day. A little kajal and a shade of lipstick that matches your clothes will just do the trick. It’s better to stay as natural as possible in this season.

Fashion for Rainy Season – Women

  • Just in case, you would not want to smell bad in the rains, there are perfumes that you can use and make sure they have an earthy smell. The strong ones tend to smell bad after a while.


Fashion for Rainy Season – Women

  • Lastly, the rainy season demands an umbrella or a rain coat to be carried everywhere. So, that’s a must.

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