12 Ways To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger With Makeup

12 Ways To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger With Makeup

Big eyes look more youthful, brighter and healthy. Not all women are gifted with wide, round eyes, but you can make your eyes appear bigger with makeup!

Here are 12 Ways To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger With Makeup:

1. Add dimension to your crease.

Your eyes will look larger with a warm, matte brown or light rose eye shadow. Applying these tints can add dimensions that will make your eyes look more awake. You can try this tip to achieve the look.

2. Define your eyebrows

The brows are definitely part of the eye, so making it appear longer makes the eyes look bigger. The brows frame the entire eye area. When you highlight the areas surrounding the eye, you make them look more noticeable.

3.Put shimmer at the corner of your eye.

Adding shimmer at the corner of your eye to capture the light, making it appear brighter.

4. Apply light, neutral colors on the lid.

Light shades are the perfect eye color for your lids because they make the eye area look larger. Dark colors regress, so don’t put it on your lids.

12 Ways To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger With Makeup

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5. Highlight the waterline with a flesh-toned pencil.

Lining the inner rim or the waterline with a flesh-toned pencil makes an illusion that it extends farther. Aside from a skin-tone pencil, you can also use a white pencil to make it appear wider. However, a flesh-tone creates a more natural look.

6. Apply mascara to lower lashes.

For a modern look with eyes that appear larger, accentuate the lower lash with a mascara. Don’t apply dark or black liner to the lower lash line because it makes the eyes appear smaller. When you put mascara on the lower part of the eye, you highlight it, without doing much.

7. Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes.

When you curl your lashes, you are making your eye appear bigger. When you flip the eyelashes, you make the eyes appear clearer and brighter. The eyes look more prominent because the entire eye area can be visibly seen.

8. Apply mascara to upper lashes.

Applying mascara to top eyelashes after curling it makes the eyes more attractive and brighter.

9. Put false lashes.

To give your eyes a true definition, use false eyelashes. It makes the eyes look bigger and youthful.

12 Ways To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger With Makeup

10. Keep your brows in shape.

As we already know, the brows frame the eye area. Keeping it groomed and arched creates a flattering frame for the eyes. Moreover, accentuating the brows will definitely make the eye appear brighter and larger. Keep your brows well groomed by removing the excess stray hair above and below the brows. Make sure that you also fill the gaps with an eyebrow pencil. Don’t forget to stroke it upwards with a brush.

11. Cover the dark circles.

Dark circles and blemishes can make the eyes appear smaller than they are. To avoid this look, you should use the right eye concealer to erase or limit the darkness under the eyes. Concealing it also makes the entire eye area illuminated. Pick a tone that is a little lighter and warmer than your skin tone. This will cover any blue or purple tones under the eyes.  After that, blend it well with a sponge or your finger. It can provide a brighter appearance with a smooth finish.

12 Ways To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger With Makeup
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12.  Apply liquid eyeliner along the base of the upper eye.

You can further highlight your eye frame and lashes by applying a thin line of black liquid eyeliner alongside the base of the upper lashes. It creates precision and definition to the eyes. It also makes the eyelashes appear thicker, giving more volume.

In addition to the tips, you may also apply lighter eye shadows to create an illusion of wider eyes. Don’t over accentuate the eyes with eyeliner. It will draw a look that the eyes are smaller.

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