Blog Train: ‪#‎MyParentingMantra‬ Dad’s Involvement In Child Care

Blog Train: ‪#‎MyParentingMantra‬ Dad’s Involvement In Child Care

Hello All mommies,

First of all, congratulations that we have the best gift by nature- Our “Baby”. Hence, to celebrate this we mom bloggers thought of an idea- Blog Train: ‪‎MyParentingMantra. My baby is 3 years now. And the memories still rule our mind the day she was born 🙂

Life flies really fast, isn’t it?

The memories of the first day holding her into my arms are still so clear. Thank you, Mother Nature for gifting me this adorable angel and making me a Mom. Of course, apart from me and her dad, there were many family people, relatives, and friends who were overjoyed to meet this Lil’ Angel. Everyone was there to help me with the cute tasks like nappy changing, singing, rocking and helping to make her sleep. But to accept the fact, they were all there for a day or two.

I was at my mom’s place for one and ha alf months when Mishti was born. It’s just at a 5 minutes walkable distance from our house and Mr. Husband would come every day to spend playful time with his tiny daughter. He would sneak to grab a chance to change her nappy or clothes. But most of the time he never got a chance as mom would do it all.

Blog Train ‪#‎MyParentingMantra‬ Dad’s Involvement In Child Care

In Indian societies, Fathers are not very involved in their baby’s everyday baby care routines. But Mr. Husband is totally different and the best. In fact, I remember even my dad helping my mom with diapering, changing, diapering and bathing us. Why just him? My younger brother too helped me a lot with the daily chorus for baby care. So equal partner rule is not an anomaly at least in our family.

We remember all the hardships our dad has gone through for us and hence we love our Dads, don’t we? Dads are always there for any situation of their kids to support them, playing with them, raise them well, and make them a responsible, strong and good human being.

So mums, let’s take a pledge to help our baby’s Dad bond well with their babies!Blog Train ‪#‎MyParentingMantra‬ Dad’s Involvement In Child Care

12 Parenting Mantra I Learnt From My Husband That Can Prove To Be The Best Tips For Dad To Bond With Their Baby

  • Busy dads can grab the best opportunity to bond with their little ones at meal time.

Blog Train ‪#‎MyParentingMantra‬ Dad’s Involvement In Child Care

  • Dads- Hold your baby very Close and allow the little one to look at you.

Blog Train ‪#‎MyParentingMantra‬ Dad’s Involvement In Child Care

  • Give some relaxing time to your baby’s mom by doing an extra night shift. This ensures you and baby get some precious alone time to spend.
  • Dads are best at soothing their baby’s tears. Sing to her, rock her, take a walk around and remember she needs you too like her mom!
  • Fathers defiantly can do anything to see a smile on their little ones face. Making Silly faces is the best way to see your baby’s face glowing with a smile. Peekaboo works equally well.

Blog Train ‪#‎MyParentingMantra‬ Dad’s Involvement In Child Care

  • Remember your baby loves fresh air! So carry your little bundle or stroll her around.
  • I remember my husband giving her a Baby Massage once in a week. She responded to his touch in a very playful way. It also helped her soothe & relax making her a happy baby.
  • Special Play Time with dad is a must for every child. Make sure to set some time every day especially for playtime with your little love.

Blog Train ‪#‎MyParentingMantra‬ Dad’s Involvement In Child Care

  • Babies love to dance and listen music. My baby used to be in full mood when her daddy and she had a blast dance on the Bollywood Hindi Songs. She used to groove to her own dance moves on the songs like- “Gulaabo zara itar laga de”, “Aao mamma”, Daaru pike dance kare”.I still have the recordings and love to recollect those memories.

Blog Train ‪#‎MyParentingMantra‬ Dad’s Involvement In Child Care

  • Trust me all, even doing a diaper duty helps in dad-baby bond.
  • Your baby needs you the most when she’s ill. She needs your special care, pampering and nurturing to get well soon.
  • Cuddle them, kiss them, and tell them stories that make it a bedtime routine.

Blog Train ‪#‎MyParentingMantra‬ Dad’s Involvement In Child Care


I am sure all Dads are doing their best these days to bond well with babies.

All the best DADS! We know you Rock!!


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Do comment with your views on Blog Train: ‪#‎MyParentingMantra Dad’s Involvement In Child Care

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  1. Very nicely written, I completely agree that dads are equal parents nowadays in many homes and it is the way it should be. It is no longer the norm that the mother is the primary caregiver, both parents are equally involved in all facets of parenting

  2. I couldnt agree more that fathers involvement in rearing a child is a must and key to for overall development as well.Mother gives birth and value but stability and strength comes with a father’s presence and involvement.

  3. first of all, adorable pictures.
    and i think involved fathers are a blessing. my husband isnt into diaper change or cloth change but yes he adores his daughters beyond limits and makes sure of spending enough time mornings and evenings with all the fun n quirk girls want.
    wish u guys all the happiness

  4. Shub

    Lovely post! Thankfully now Indian dads are getting more hands-on and share the responsibility of parenthood. Great that you covered this aspect.


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