Matrikas The Creative Woman’s Journal (FISH) Review

Matrikas The Creative Woman’s Journal (FISH) Review

I’m participating in “Scribble your heart away….” Facebook Campaign held by Matrikas Paper Products. This campaign term is to write a creative review of the received products. So, I’m taking this challenge to learn something new and explore this gift journal.

Check Matrikas The Creative Woman’s Journal (FISH) Review below…

Matrikas The Creative Woman's Journal (FISH) Review

I have a habit of maintaining a scrapbook with fancy letters and words with a short note of some very memorable days.  I have a collection of awesome 5-6 diaries and to the best, even my husband loves to do so!  Recently, I checked Matrikas website and they have become my favorite paper stationery website for so quirky, elegant and classic Diaries & Journals.

As soon as the surprise from Matrikas entered my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to open it and scribble smoothing. Yes, I’m an impulsive online shopper but this time it was a gift! It was Matrikas The Creative Woman’s Journal (FISH) along with a personal letter.


More About MatrikaS:

“MatrikaS” is a Sanskrit word for “MOTHER”, signifying all powerful energies. This has its inspiration from the creative energies helping in the process of expression and innovation. MatrikaS presents a premium range of Paper Products premium to stimulate one’s mind and unleash their creative best. Their range has exquisitely designed and finished Notebooks, Journals, Diaries, Office stationery & Social stationery. All these products are made with the best quality and as fashionable to flaunt.

They also undertake customized Printing, Print finishing, Pre-press & Bindery services. MatrikaS bookmaking services are undertaken by Srinivas Group.Matrikas The Creative Woman's Journal (FISH) Review

To know more about Matrikas visit


Matrikas Woman’s Journal (FISH) ” To Glide ” has a very Special Cover Material in jewel toned satin cloth with Fish Screen Printed. I loved the contrast of beautiful metallic gold colored fish print on the navy blue Hard Bound cover. The stunning artwork of fish on the cover is so captivating and traditional to add an extra visual appeal.Matrikas The Creative Woman's Journal (FISH) Review

The Round Back & Round Corner features adds even more elegance to this women’s journal. The inner is ivory tinged Natural Shade Paper. There is a Satin Page Marker to mark your reference page so that you don’t miss it. There are 8 beautiful Adult Colouring Pages with intricate whimsical drawings where you can show your creative side and recollect childhood memories.Matrikas The Creative Woman's Journal (FISH) Review

There are many Stickers for Creative Writing to help scribble, pen down lists or relax your mind.Matrikas The Creative Woman's Journal (FISH) Review

There’s a small Pouch on the Back Cover to keep any important notes. Also the Elastic for Safe Locking is wonderful and makes it quite travel-friendly. The best part about this women’s journal is the Pen Holder. How innovative!

Matrikas know every women’s mind so well and defiantly know the way to calm their stress.


Specifications Of Matrikas Speciality Journal

  • Product: A5
  • Size: 148 X 205 MM
  • Price: Rs.450


Matrikas the Creative Woman’s Journal are available in four different themes namely- To write, To dream, To fly, To glide. Also, check their 2017 diaries collection.


Matrikas The Creative Woman’s Journal (FISH) is a beautiful creations by Matrikas. The intricate fish design on the cover page and so well designed paper products is something I loved about Matrikas woman’s journals. For all those who love to scribble, doodle or flaunt their creativity must defiantly check this dreamers journal, diaries, notebooks and journals from Matrikas.

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 Thank you team Matrikas for this very special journal as a gift!


Do let us know your views on Matrikas The Creative Woman’s Journal (FISH)!

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