Best Saree Gifting Guide For Mother’s Day!

Best Saree Gifting Guide For Mother’s Day!

Our mother is a guide, philosopher and best friend. We feel relaxed when our mom is around. Thus, every mom deserves truly extra-special pampering every day. Unfortunately, in our busy lifestyle we forget to do that. Celebrate Mother’s Day to lavish all attention & love on the dearest momma. It’s our time to showers her with some generous and wonderful gift that she can cherish.

To help you find the perfect gift for your mother on Mother’s Day, I’ve prepared a list of Best saree Gifting Guide for Mother’s Day.

Gift your super mom a beautiful, precious and stylish Saree. Here are some easy-to-follow curated tips to make a smart buy and see a beautiful smile on your mother’s face.


Classic India Sarees

Some fashion and trend of sarees can never fade in Indian fashion. Look back from the past eras and take inspirations from wedding & parties from old pictures.  Select the similar pattern in silk sarees or banarasi sari. Also keep in mind your mom’s choice of pattern and fabric for sarees like her preference can be plain sarees, cotton sarees, ornate borders sarees, and floral prints!


Secret And Surprise

Still unaware what you mom loves? Talk to her indirectly and think for a surprise. You can just casually ask for a saree advice for your friend.  She will very happily let you know her personal choice if its designer sarees or cotton sari.


Hunt The Wardrobe

Best Saree Gifting Guide For Mother’s Day

Hunt your mommy’s closet, when she is away. Look for inspiration, what she loves to wear. Does your mum have a huge saree collection? Try shortlisting fabrics, colors, patterns, style and weaves that are the majority. And even if this doesn’t work, just gift your mum a saree of the color that doesn’t exist in her wardrobe!


Mum’s Own Choice

Keep an eye on your mommy’s personal style & choices. Like her favorite saree fabric or color? If she loves Silk Sarees, this can be an excellent gift. While buying a saree also keep in mind about her body type and to the region she belongs. Gifting a saree of her region’s special can make her really happy. Choose a sari in region specific weave or embroidery such as Bandhani saree for Gujarati mom or Banarasi saree for a mom who belongs from Up, Bihar or Bengal.


Age Wise

While buying a sari, it’s essential that you keep you mom’s age in mind. Women older than 60 can favor classic fabrics and styles. While mom under this age will prefer modern and fashion forward sarees. Both Traditional and modern sarees comes in a variety of colors, styles, fabrics &patterns. Also, they can be easily worn for many special occasions. Gift you mom either a chic net saree or more conventional sari like Silk Sarees or kanjeevaram sarees.


Quality Does MatterBest Saree Gifting Guide For Mother’s Day

Choosing a sari with good quality zari, fabric and embellishments are equally important. Hence, it’s essential that you buy sarees online from a trusted platform. Low quality can make your mum feel bad and they also don’t last long.


Prefer Online Options

Don’t have time to scout many shops to select your Mother’s Day gift?  Buying sarees online can be a great savior. Just enter your most trusted saree portal like Jomso and buy sarees online that will allow you to browse numerous latest saree designs. You can choose them from classic weaves or their designer catalogs and also read the description to know more about the products like color, fabrics or embroideries.


Evergreen Silks

Handloom Silk Saree are gentle, elite and look pretty. They are available in many variants and designs to sleet from. Classic Silks can never fade of fashion, and every mum loves it! Patolas, ornate Kanjeevarams or Banarasis come in high range, while there are also simple and light silks sarees available. Get them in zari borders or either cotton-silk blends such as Kota Silk & South Silk which are also a great choice for summer!


Fabrics That FlatterBest Saree Gifting Guide For Mother’s Day

Saree with a fabric that is quite easy to drape and maintain is always preferred. Select sarees with fluid and good fall that makes it easy to pleat. Even these types of sarees suit women of all body types and all ages.


Here was some Best saree Gifting Guide for Mother’s Day to help you pick the best saree for your mom!

Let her love and treasure this gift for years.


Happy Shopping!


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  1. My mom love to wear cotton and handloom Silk Sarees … I am from North East and we have variety of Handloom Silk Sarees … Love to read this tips … Thanks again for this tips


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