Astaberry Fruit Face Wash Review

Astaberry Fruit Face Wash Review

Astaberry is my current favorite for Skin Care products. Today it’s a fruity face wash that I was so tempted to try and share the view with my readers.

Let’s check a quick review on Astaberry Fruit Face Wash.

Astaberry Fruit Face Wash Review

What Astaberry Fruit Face Wash Claims?

This unique facial cleanser improves skin’s elasticity, firmness and moisture content. Red grape extract helps reduce fine surface lines and replenish depleted moisture.

Astaberry Fruit Face Wash Review

Price and Quantity of Astaberry Fruit Face Wash



Ingredients List

Red Grape (Vitisvinifera) Extract, Glycerine, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate, CAPB, Glycerine, Atlas G 1823, Grape Extract, Proplyne Glycol, Celquat 240C, EDTA, DM Water, Perfume, Preservatives, Color


My Views on Astaberry Fruit Face Wash

Astaberry Fruit Face Wash comes in a bright orange and white colored plastic tube .this has a flip cap that helps your take out the needed amount. The packaging also makes it travel-friendly and hygienic to use.

The color of the product is pale red and has a fruity smell that lingers till you wash off. Just a very small amount is need to get a good lather and this ensures cleansing of all dirt and deep impurities. Astaberry Fruit Face Wash comes in a gel consistency that is quite easy to apply and rinse off. Post wash I felt no white wax and fresh skin. But, it makes my oily skin feel a bit stretchy and my skin needs a moisturizer after every wash. Thus, I feel this facial cleanser will work well on very oily skin.Astaberry Fruit Face Wash Review


Final verdict for Astaberry Fruit Face Wash

Overall, this is a good fruit face wash for very oily skin for daily skincare. Also, this cleanses the skin very well leaving it feeling fruity fresh!


Have You Tired Astaberry Fruit Face Wash? Do let us know your views on this face wash!!


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