India’s Handloom History And Merits Over Powerloom

India’s Handloom History And Merits Over Powerloom


India's Handloom History And Merits Over Powerloom
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 The word “Handloom” brings the image of our “Father of Nation- Mahatma Gandhi” in mind. Remember the picture of Mahatma Gandhi spinning yarn & making cloth? Yes, our handloom industry has come a really long way and its products play an integral part for country’s economic growth.

Let’s check India’s Handloom History And Merits Over Powerloom


History Of Handlooms In India

Indian handloom industry has its evidence from the ancient times. Indian handloom was first excavated from Egypt. Later, dyed and cotton fabrics were found in Indus Valley Civilization -Mohenjo Daro.  Handloom style in the traditional way is among oldest forms and has also been mentioned in the Vedic literature. Indian weaving styles have its great history even before imperialism and colonization. Natural fabrics like jute, cotton, khadi and silk were hand-woven.

Later for the fast spinning and weaving mechanical system was introduced. This also gave more finesse and care to make the fabric and creation to new designs in a better way during the British rule in Indian, cotton, and silk export business also started. Hand-printers, weavers and embroiders could now showcase their expertise talent in other countries as well. Indian handloom saw a boost in the abroad market too with their varieties of different handloom prevailing from different Indian states.


What Makes Wearing Handlooms Better Than Machine Made/Powerloom Made Fabrics?

India's Handloom History And Merits Over Powerloom We all love the handloom products for its quality, durability, and softness that are also best suitable for all climates. Handloom fabrics are woven with the best quality threads while the Artisans work on these fabrics to produce a really unique creation. You get to see these Artisans handwork on the pallav, sari borders, dupattas & the body of the sari. These handlooms are made with the best effort of labor and the traditional art is loved throughout the world. The weavers of handloom industry in India have their ancestors acquired skills that they keep passing it to the next new generation. Many a time the artists create such a magnificent work of art that is surely everlasting and exquisite.


Check this: Bollywood Actress In Handloom Sarees

Bollywood Actress In Handloom Sarees

India's Handloom History And Merits Over Powerloom

Since few years, machine made/powerloom fabrics have surely taken over the handlooms by introducing cotton mixed fabrics and synthetic materials. This has gained popularity for its easy maintenance and durability. Also, power looms fabrics production is a lot easier task when compared to handlooms. But, authentic handlooms are still utilized in enormous numbers for quality fabric, perfection and its charm like silk sarees and cotton sarees or dress. The handloom is still given due importance especially on the special occasions like wedding or festival in India.

Premium and authentic handlooms cater to a lot of class consumers in India. Handloom sarees and fabrics are still in high demand & will be loved so long as our traditions are sustained.


Introducing  Jharonka

India's Handloom History And Merits Over Powerloom Jharonka is a premium platform from the very well-known brand- Craftsvilla. They have authentic Indian handlooms & handicrafts for those who love Indian tradition & craftsmanship. The products are made keeping the contemporary India in mind and crafted by some finest artisans and weavers.


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