#HalfGirlfriend She Was Hot, She Was Ugly

#HalfGirlfriend She Was Hot, She Was Ugly

There’s a girl in my mind. Today, she turns 16. She is now heading towards her 17th year. She is Cute, Dark, Tall, Romantic, Funny, Loving – all call her an “Ugly Dark Girl”! She has more height than me and she is my best friend. I know her so well. In fact, I’ve known her for past 12 years and we are in the same class. She’s like the one I always thought my lover would be, but does she know about this?

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Let me tell you more about her. She loves to watch Bollywood movie and does it without fail every day.  She also has romance novels on the go; she hardly manages 1 page everyday…yawn!!  And in between runs downstairs to join her friends calling for an evening walk.

She has a very beautiful pink colored cycle with a back seat/basket in front always filled with something to eat. Her parents make a point to keep this before she leaves out of the house and this brings me a pampered child picture. She isn’t a brilliant student, love to enjoy her life to fullest and makes it sure to do this along with me. Every Sunday she calls me over for breakfast – she keeps trying to cook something new each time and I hate the taste but love the moment.

She has a crush on a man who is her teacher. He looks like Akshay Kumar with a curly hair. She pops to my house whenever need a help or at the weekend and we go for a stroll to the nearby park. She is loved by teachers and her parents for her well-behaved manner, but friends keep teasing her with a line “Ugly Dark Girl”.  She completely avoids the nuisance and walks off with a pretty smile on her face. I love her styling dare – she’s happy in her own world!

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“Do you know where she is”? I asked one of my close friends. The answer was- “NO”

No contacts of her. I’m 28 – She’s still filled in my thoughts. I’m married and I knew I would never forget her.


The good old days are tucked right in my mind. Sometimes I love to recollect the hidden and cherished emotion of my school days.  She taught me to be brave to the world and love that I have carried into my adulthood. It’s a bit odd to love a girl being a girl for a society! (Tagged under- Lesbian).

I found myself a “Male” blissful partner but she was the one who made me understand Love, Life, and this Universe.

Story Of A College Friend


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