Best Kids Summer Skincare Tips

Best Kids Summer Skincare Tips

Summer Vacations are about to start and your kids surely won’t stay indoors now! Moms don’t your worry!! Even in the scorching Sun, vacations are best enjoyed by the kids in a very relaxed and chill mood. Summer gives you a very warm and splendid scene outside and thus remaining indoors is no fun.

Summers can be quite enjoyable for all activities, fun and vacation but the fact is- the sunrays are quite harsh on our skin, especially the kids. Hence, it’s quite essential that we protect our kid’s sensitive and gentle skin from harsh sun exposure. This can also cause rashes, break outs, skin burn and irritation on their skin.

We are listing Best kids Summer Skincare Tips that can help you stay carefree and let your kids enjoy the most of their summer vacation.

Cotton Clothing

Cotton dress for kids during summer helps to absorb excessive sweat. Make sure to that your kids clothes aren’t too tight and has very light cotton fabric. Best Kids Summer Skincare Tips

Sunglasses for kids

A pair of sunnies is a must have in your kids summer wardrobe. They look cute and also protect provide sun protection to their eyes.Best Kids Summer Skincare Tips

Carry water bottles everywhere

Make sure to Keep your child Hydrated and keep an eye on his water consumption. Feeding them enough water intake is essential to keep the kid’s skin healthy, help them soothe in warm sunny days and prevent any skin problem. [READ: What Happens If You Don’t Use BPA-Free Water Bottles For Kids?]

Hats and caps

Ensure that your kid wears hat or a cap to protect their scalp, face, ears & neck from the harmful sunrays during summer.Best Kids Summer Skincare Tips

Light and open foot wear

During summer it’s also quite essential to take care of your kid’s feet. Opt for light & open footwear during the summers to let their feet breathe properly. Tight footwear lead to bacteria formation, sweating, bad odor irritation & itchiness.Best Kids Summer Skincare Tips

10 – 4 indoors timing

Try to keep your child indoors during summers and help them indulge in some indoor activities or games for kids. Moving outdoors during the late mornings or early afternoons during summer can rob the child’s skin moisture and make it look dry & parched. Also it can cause dehydration, sun burns, excessive sweating, sunstroke & fatigue.

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Good bath & baby lotion

Children’s delicate skin are more vulnerable to skin problems causes due to the harsh summer atmosphere. You need to maintain a normal healthy skin with pH of 5.5!

Choose a moisturizer with no color and no smell as they can be toxic. Milder Soaps without harsh chemicals are good to maintain pH balance 5.5. Make sure your kids soap include natural ingredients like olive, coconut or palm oil.

We suggest Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath for Normal Skin and Sebamed Baby Lotion.

Best Kids Summer Skincare Tips

Right talcum powder

Summer can also get prickly heat rash to your kids. Hence, to avoid this rash it’s essential that you apply powder on their body parts that are more prone to sweat like neck, armpits, back, torso. Its good option to use prickly heat powders.


Kids love to enjoy their summers vacation outside that is so much fun. Let them play without any fear of skin damage by applying sunscreen on their skin. Do this 15 minutes before your child leaves out in the sun. Make sure to re-apply the sunscreen every 2 hours even if it’s water resistant.

We suggest Sebamed Baby Sun Cream SPF50+.

Best Kids Summer Skincare Tips

Summer diet for kids

Include loads of fresh fruits, vegetables, and superfoods that contain good antioxidants. Also including fruits that are rich in vitamin C can prevent prickly rashes.

With these summer skincare tips for kids, let your child enjoy the sunshine. Have a wonderful summer vacation with beautiful sunny memories!

Do leave your Best kids Summer Skincare Tips!!!

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