Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion Review

Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion Review

Astaberry is a well-known brand for their Ayurvedic Skin Care products. Today I have a product review that will help you get glowing skin this summer! Hydrating & Nourishing Lotion are a must have in your summer skin care kit.

Let’s check a quick review on Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion.

Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion Review


What Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion Claims?

This Hydrating & nourishing lotion is blended with Papaya, pure Honey & vitamin E to make replace natural oils & replenish lost moisture


Price and Quantity

Rs.70 for 100ml

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Ingredients List

Papaya (Carica papaya) Extract, Honey, vitamin EAstaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion Review


My Views on Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion

Papaya Moisturizing Lotion comes in a bright yellow tube with a flip cap to get the right amount of product. This also ensures hygienic use and travel-friendly.Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion ReviewThe color of the product is white and has a mild fragrance that fades within few minutes. Astaberry Moisturizing Lotion has an OK consistency and creamy texture. This helps it to spread easily that seep into the skin really quick just with a normal massage.

I observed no greasy-ness post the application and I think this can be my summer lotion too!

I use this on my body as creamy lotions tend to breakout on my oily skin. Maybe this can be used as Moisturizing Lotion for dry skin. It also claims to cure any skin blemishes & pigmentations. Papaya Extracts in this moisturizing lotion made me try it immediately! On its application on the body, I felt it exfoliates the skin dead cells, reduces skin dryness & deeply moisturizes the skin.

This lotion contains Shea Butter and Carrot that are known as skin nourishing agent to deeply hydrated & give cooling effects to one’s skin.

I apply it evenly post bath all over my body each morning, before sun exposure. Dry skin women can apply this over face and neck to the best soft and smooth effect.Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion Review


Final verdict for Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion

Overall, this is a good moisturizing Lotion for dry skin to get a soft, smooth & glowing skin. Astaberry Papaya Moisturizing Lotion will ensure you get hydrated glow this summer!


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