5 Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe

5 Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe

Do you feel like you could do with a few fresh items of clothing for Spring, but you’re lacking in either money or inspiration? Well, one place you might not have thought to look is your boyfriend’s wardrobe. After all, why buy your own clothes when you can raid your other half’s wardrobe for free?


Here are 5 Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe

His Hoodie

5 Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe
Why is it that mens hoodies are so much snugger than ours? There is nothing comfier than snuggling down in one of your boyfriend’s oversized hoodies when you want to get cozy. Not only are they perfect for the rainy days when we just want to cuddle up inside, but simply throw one on with some ripped, cuffed jeans and some sneakers and you have the perfect everyday outfit.

His Blazer

5 Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe
Your boyfriend’s blazer is the perfect way to give your outfit a classy and stylish edge. Whether you’re wearing jeans, leather trousers or a cocktail dress – the possibilities really are endless. You could even use a belt to transform an extra oversized blazer into a dress and cinch you in at the waist. Team with some lace up high heels and you’re good to go. If the sleeves are a little long for you, simply scrunch or roll them up for a more casual, relaxed look.


His Jeans

5 Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s WardrobeAgain, men’s jeans really are a million times better than ours. For starters, they’re way comfier because they have way more room so you won’t have to unbutton them after you’ve eaten…We’ve all been there! Even better, their pockets are big enough to fit things in – the pockets are actually real for that matter! If they’re a little too big, simply roll up the bottoms to give them a cuff, and use a belt to pull them in at the waist. For a more casual vibe wear them with your favorite trainers and a v necked t-shirt, or dress then up with a pair of heels for a smarter look.

His Shirt

5 Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s WardrobeEvery guy is sure to own at least one shirt, and luckily for us girls, these double up into the perfect oversized shirt. Whether you wear it as a shirt dress with a waist belt to nip you in at the middle, over your shoulders as a jacket, or just tie it around your waist to give your outfit a little extra something, they’re the perfect addition to almost any outfit. They are so versatile as they work well with literally anything, from ripped jeans or denim shorts to a midi skirt or over a plain dress.

His Tee

5 Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s WardrobeOne item which there is no doubt your boyfriend will have plenty of is a t-shirt. These simple pieces transform into the perfect oversized tees or t-shirt dresses for girls. They’re sure to look great whether you pair them with your favorite pair of jeans or add a belt to show off your curves. You could even tie the bottom of the tee in a knot at the front to add extra detail to your outfit.


What’s your pick or 5 Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe?

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