How To Look Stylish On Holi Festival

How To Look Stylish On Holi Festival
How To Look Stylish On Holi Festival

Holi is widely celebrated in India and worldwide as a colorful festival. This brings happiness and joy to one’s life. Then why have we made it a ritual to just Wear White Color On Holi? The reason is, Holi colors look vibrant and reflect properly on White & light colored dress.

We all want our favorite clothes to be useable for the last time by playing Holi but that doesn’t mean you dress careless. Looking for how to Wear White On Holi? This post has even more possible combinations of colors that can make your Holi outfit ideas best.
Just pick them from your closet and style them perfectly to look chic in your Holi avatar. Explore with these traditional or modern look to get an answer to- How To Dress Up For Holi Festival?
Holi Outfits
Is there a rule to Wear Traditional On Holi? There also many options like Kurtis, lehengas, sari, top, jeans, shirt, dresses, tunic, skirt…..
Here Are Mix And Match Outfit Ideas For Holi
·       Floral prints are in trend these days and you can either wear them for your bottoms, tops, kurta, scarf, dupatta or even on the slippers to look stylish.
·       Yes Jeans! Pick you old torn jeans to stay comfortable and protect your legs from harmful Holi colors when you get wet.
·       Short Hot pants add a beach feel into your safe Holi celebrations. Team it with a girly loose top or T-shirt.
·       Cotton Dress For Holi is always the first option for any Indian women. They are comfortable and best for the hot climate to stay cool.
·       Jeans, Kurta and Dupatta is a favorite Outfit Idea For Holi. This combo looks very stylish & yet comfortable.
·       Palazzos look quite fashionable & stylish when teamed with kurti or top.
·       Saree or lehenga is the Sexiest Outfit Wear For Holi.  Drape a saree in a contemporary style to look modern. You can find lehenga online in neon colors to look stunning.
·       Wear a white salwar kameez with colorful bandhni dupatta for this Holi.
How To Look Stylish On Holi Festival
Holi Footwear
Wondering What Shoes To Wear For Holi? Say no to your heals & grab a chappel, rubber shoes, clogs or flip flops that are comfortable.  Slippers or sneakers look stylish with any western outfit.  Remember your Footwear For Holi must be comfortable, safe and less slippery to spend your Holi day well.
How To Look Stylish On Holi Festival
Holi Make-Up
Who said you can’t apply Make-Up For Holi? Make-up is a true companion of any woman for special event and it also helps in protecting the skin from the harmful chemicals included in the Holi colors. You can opt for water proof make-up and also make sure to use sunscreen on your entire visible body to prevent tanning. Holi Nail Art is also trending these days and they look perfect with the Holi outfit and colors. Take some Makeup Ideas For Holi Festival from Bollywood Actress like Alia Bhatt And Deepika Padukone.
How To Look Stylish On Holi Festival
Holi Hairstyle
We can never deny the fact that ponytail or bun is the Best Holi Hairstyle, but go daring this year and try a combination of pony+braid style. Before doing your hairstyle also make sure to oil your hair really well to protect them from the harsh chemical in colors.
Bollywood Actress In Holi was also seen covering their head with a scarf or bandana in a classy way to match with the dress and extra hair protection. This also looks different, stylish and protects your beautiful hair.
How To Look Stylish On Holi Festival
Holi Accessories
Avoid using any expensive or precious jewelries on Holi. Instead you can flaunt your stylish side on Holi by wearing some cheap and funky jewellery bought from any local market or online store. Jhumkas in any design or color look amazing when worn with any traditional Outfit On Holi.  While, if you are planning for a Western Look On Holi team your outfit with a ring, earring, bracelet, necklace or ear cuffs.
How To Look Stylish On Holi Festival
These were some simple tips on How To Look Stylish On Holi Festival. Hope you liked it. Do comment below with your views below!
Enjoy The Day! Happy Holi!

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