Event: #VLCCStyleStatements Mumbai Bloggers Meet

Event: #VLCCStyleStatements Mumbai Bloggers Meet

“Being nourished is beautiful”

Indeed beauty is fragile and keeping it nourished is the best way to retain its grace. With the right ingredients and the right amount of pampering, the goodness in our skin is radiated and it gets the best. Regularly indulging in skin care regime will be beneficial for our skin and it will also enhance its beauty. I am sure anyone would agree to this, isn’t it?  Event The #VLCCStyleStatements Mumbai Bloggers Meet

Just recently, I had the opportunity to attend the #VLCCStyleStatements Bloggers’ Meet which was organized by the team of VLCC and it had a lot to offer for us beauties.

The fun and pampering session of VLCCStyleStatements Mumbai Bloggers Meet was scheduled to last Thursday, 09th March 2017 from 12 pm onwards.

The best part was that I reached on time after long, but we had to wait for another 20 minutes till all the other bloggers arrive. In the meanwhile, they introduced us to all the people behind the meet that was fun. Got to learn about their thoughts and ideas on the new concepts and techniques.

The ambiance of the center was professional and neat. I liked the organization that seemed soothing and calm. Later, we were introduced by Ms. Reshma who was the person behind the idea of this meet. She is an incredibly beautiful lady and I must thank her for all the techniques and concepts that she conceptualized for us bloggers.

We were initially introduced to a Demo and discussion of Hair Treatment, Nail Extension, Eyelash Extension, Skin Treatment. This knowledgeable session was enlightening and I am happy to learn a lot from the same. Event: The #VLCCStyleStatements Mumbai Bloggers Meet

There were a variety of services and pampering sessions that VLCC had to offer us bloggers and we were definitely overwhelmed by the varied number of wellness services, namely, Head Massage, Foot Reflexology, Haircut, Hair wash, blow dry, Nail art and Makeover.

VLCC Beauty Services range from Salon, Laser & Dermat. VLCC slimming services is among the very popular ones. Also, they have various other services for:
  • Under Eye (Derma Heal Eye Treatment): This Eye Filler treatment is formulated with bio-actives to reduce any visible signs of ageing and wrinkle filling around the eye area.
  • Eyes (Visionergy): Visionergy treatment is useful when you want to tackle problems around the eye contour area. Deep penetration of potent actives into the skin promotes regeneration for an amazing skin transformation. It reduces signs of aging and also prevents any skin flaws formation in future making it look firmer, plumper and radiant. The treatment revitalizes the entire eye areas by reducing wrinkles & lines and targets eye bags & puffiness.
  • Face (Vampire Facelift): This VLCC beauty treatment is best advised for someone with dull and sallow skin. Vampire Facelift uses blood plasma from your own self and applies it to the face using dermarloller.  The process boosts cellular growth, healing and thus gives a youthful appearance to one’s skin.  This can be combined with other beauty treatments such as microneedling with radio frequency, Chemical Peels, Botox, Dermarollers or Threadlift.

 Event: The #VLCCStyleStatements Mumbai Bloggers MeetI selected the Haircut service for myself and a VLCC professional did a Layered Cut for me to suit face structure. He said this cut will suit my face and enhance its beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, which was followed by hair wash and an outward curls’ blow-dry session. I was immensely satisfied and the look blended with my personality so much that everyone liked it and complimented me. All the credits go to the VLCC Team for this wondrous session. I have also heard a lot about VLCC vampire facial and will love to try it. Check For Best Beauty & Salon Offers at VLCC Salon Coupons

After a fun session, the event was concluded with the team thanking our presence. We were presented with a beautiful VLCC Wellness Hamper comprising of Slimming Tea packs, Moisturizing Lotion and Shape Up lotion for Skin tightening. In addition, they gave a special discount coupon code for our viewers, readers, fans and followers.

I must thank VLCC for this beautiful session which not only pampered and groomed us but also helped us nourished our beauty.

Visit your nearest VLCC Centre & get an easy everyday makeup look! #VLCCStyleStatements

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