5 Office friendly Jewellery Statements

5 Office friendly Jewellery Statements
There is no better way to beat Monday morning blues
than with some stylish jewellery that can break the monotony of the blues,
whites, and pinstripes.
Jewellery is indeed a great accessory to enhance any
boring outfit and break or make a stylish statement. But, what kind of jewellery
is work-appropriate and how much jewellery is appropriate is no less than a
riddle for jewellery aficionados.
The thumb rule to getting your work -look right is to
garnish and not embellish. Jewellery at a formal working place should be about
restraint. A great idea is to pick a few small dainty diamond jewellery especially
CaratLane items, like a ring,
earrings, or a bracelet and accessorize them well.
The Sui Dhaga earring can be a good accompaniment to
your office look. One could team the earrings with a crisp shirt and formal
pants or with a salwar kameez(traditional Indian wear). This piece can be a
very versatile addition to your jewellery box.
Sui Dhaga earring 5 Office friendly Jewellery Statements
Credit: CaratLane, featuring the symmetric jharokha Sui Dhaga earring.

Lariat necklace
can be a great addition to your look. The dainty lariat is best suited for
V-necks or a formal shirt.
5 Office friendly Jewellery Statements
5 Office friendly Jewellery Statements
credit: CaratLane, featuring Sally floral fold Lariat necklace.
You could also wear a bold neckpiece but while wearing
it, you should keep in mind that the rest of your look should be neutral. You
should also avoid any other jewellery like the earrings, bracelet or nose ring
while wearing a bold neck piece. A bold necklace like the one below is a great
accessory to complement your look.
5 Office friendly Jewellery Statements
credit: CaratLane, featuring Georgina Hammered Necklace from the Gold Crush
A Bracelet can be a good addition to your work- wear look. But try and avoid
clunky or the one with too many charms.Also, avoid wearing too many of them as
it might come across as too casual.
5 Office friendly Jewellery Statements
credit: Caratlane, featuring Christa hammered Bracelet
Styling and accessorizing is the art of making a piece
stand out. The trick to achieving this is to include unsuspecting items like
the nose ring. Nose rings can instantly spruce up your look and can also add a
little spunk to it. The idea should be to keep your entire look clean, avoid
loud lip colour and eye shadows also it might be wise to spare the earrings. In
fact, Nose rings can be your TGIF look(Thank God it is Friday)
5 Office friendly Jewellery Statements
Credit: CaratLane, Featuring full moon nose ring.
In addition to this, some other ground rules for your
work wear styling can help you get your look right.
a Watch
: You may not be fond of wearing watches, but it’s a
practical accessory that goes well with most types of jewellery and office
attires. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, and you need not wear it for
too long. Apart from complementing your outfit, it gives the impression that
you’re responsible and keeps track of your time.

it simple.
The office is primarily a place of work, so you need
jewellery pieces that add just the right amount of sparkle while still enabling
you to work properly. Your earrings shouldn’t make it difficult to answer the
phone; your bracelets shouldn’t make it difficult to type and the combined
weight of your jewellery shouldn’t be distracting you from work. Diamond and
pearl pendants and small rings are simple, yet stylish options. Combining a few
small pieces, like your watch, a ring and small earrings; or wearing just one
big piece like a statement necklace or ring, is ideal to keep things simple yet

some personality
. We all have
our own unique style
. When it comes to jewellery, you can inject your
personality into your choices; you just need to be careful not to choose pieces
that are too loud or over the top.

the noise down
. This is one of the cardinal rules of
wearing jewellery at the office: if it makes a lot of noise, then it’s not for
the office. Clinking bracelets and tinkling earrings go with your short party
dresses, not with your business suits.

Dressing up well for work undoubtedly perks you up and
makes your day. The right jewellery pieces help you to spruce up the look. So,
we suggest you pick your jewellery carefully and only from brands like CaratLane.com
to get the best designs and offers.

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