Types Of Sugar And Heart Disease

Types Of Sugar And Heart Disease
Protecting your heart just can’t be done by cutting down
on salty foods and fats. Sugar is known to be the biggest cause of many disease
such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, dementia, cancer and liver failure. Among them
heart attack is the one that is mainly caused due to high intake of sugar.
Types of Sugar and Heart Disease.
Sugar from eating whole foods isn’t harmful. While, added
sugars during making and processing of various sugar-sweetened beverages and
foods are the main culprit that contribute heart attacks. There are many food
and drinks containing added sugars that are the biggest source of sugar
calories in the diet. These are soft drinks, beverages, juices, soda, sports
drink, candies, tea, chocolate, coffee, etc. [READ: CAN YOUR BODY BECOME A FAT BURNING MACHINE? ]
Types of Sugar and Heart Disease.

What Types Of Sugar Don’t Harm?

·       Lactose (type of sugar)
that is found naturally in milk & other dairy products.
·       Fructose (type of
that is found in fruit. Also Fructose- the sugar found
in fruits can be harmful when consumed in high concentrations.
The fiber in the fruit lets you fill
up your stomach-slowing down your digestion-and thus help in preventing any
instant blood sugar spike. Fruit being good source to fight off disease for it vitamins
and antioxidants content is also beneficial in many ways.
·       Sugar
obtained from eating whole food.
Types of Sugar and Heart Disease.

Sugar Strains Heart Muscle

Increasing your calorie intake by adding more of
carbohydrates and sugar content in your diet can strain your heart muscle. Added
sugar tend to worsen the case and can make you gain weight that directly cause damage
to the heart. Obese people have high levels of an enzyme which indicates heart
muscle to be injured.
If you’re healthy, your heart surgeon may advise you for
surgery having high success rate and very low risk of other
problems. Otherwise, replacement heart is an option.

5 Things To Help You Cut Down Sugar And Take Good Heart Care:

Sugar is known by 70 different names. Hence, it’s
quite essential that you read the ingredients list of all packaged food you are
about to buy. Few names that sugar are known by- beet sugar, sucrose, brown
rice syrup, barley malt, cane juice, agave, etc.
Types of Sugar and Heart Disease.
1.    Avoid buying flavored foods as they often have “sugar added.” Hence, consuming plain
versions of anything like curd, milk, juices, etc. keeps you on a safer side
and you exactly get to know the amount of sugar that will be consumed. Alternatively,
you can also add flavor to your food with some whole fruit or by adding toppings.
2.    Say NO to all drinks that contain added sugars. Thus, start limiting your beverages
such as iced tea, soda, fruit punch and lemonade. You can add some really
healthy drinks such as kokum serbat,
and nimbu paani.
3.    Juices and smoothies can also be the culprit as they tend to add more sugar load than
just eating the whole-fruit.
4.    Cut down on your condiments like sauces, pickles, flavored vinegars, honey
mustards, oyster sauce that contain sweetener.
5.    Adding herbs and spices not only makes your food flavorful but also make them low-calorie.
Add some sweet spices such as cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, nutmeg and ginger that
also helps in regulating the blood sugar levels & lower AGEs (Advanced
Glycated Endproducts) amount.
*** Patients who have recently had Heart Surgery, heart operation or heart attack must also limit sugar
and red meat in their diet. For more info on this visit – Manipal Hospitals
Hope the article was informative about Types of Sugar and Heart Disease. Do leave
your comments on this.

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