DIY Spooky Halloween Nail Art

DIY Spooky Halloween Nail Art
October month lets
you flaunt your inner Goth, so get insane with rocking outfits and love
the colour black this season. Whether you do Nail art for beauty reasons or to
celebrate you hobby or interests.  Your creativity
for nail art will enhance the entire costume and the make-up.
Check my spooky
spirit with this eye popping nail idea. It has the orange shade of pumpkins, black of ghosts
and Frankenstein’s
monster white tooth
. You can get more creative with the Halloween
themed nail art

DIY Spooky Halloween Nail Art

This funky and spooky
looking nail
has orange as the base colour and the ring finger has black.
 On all the pumpkin orange shades I have
used black chevron lines to create the illusion of ghosts and a realistic

For the ring
finger skull
, I have painted the nail in classic black and created two spooky eyes and
monster tooth
in white colour using a pointy sharp brush.
DIY Spooky Halloween Nail Art

I think the pumpkin orange
shade and classic black adds a perfect quirkiness nails for this Halloween
DIY Spooky Halloween Nail Art

Nail polishes used:
Lakme Absolute Nail Tint Orange Squash
Golden Rose Rich Color Nail Lacquer One Step Maxi Brush
Play with your own colors
and textures to add more fun while you take inspiration form my nail art for this
Halloween. Also don’t forget to finish off the design with a topcoat for
chipping prevention.

Do leave us your link of favorite Spooky
Halloween Nail Art!!!

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