My Wishlist Olivia Palermo Style: Banggood

My Wishlist Olivia Palermo Style: Banggood
Olivia Palermo, this fashionista has great
haute couture sense and thus I love to steal her style. She pairs everything in
such pretty,
and chic
My Wishlist Olivia Palermo Style: Banggood
Why This Style Is My Wish List?
Palermo so delicately teams up the bold maroon top and pencil
in the most subtle way. This is I suppose the best way of showing bold
monochrome shade of red and maroon. The
perfect structured skirt enhances silhouette & streamlines the same colour
so well. The vintage style pretty neckpiece
breaks the entire rule by merging chic
with vintage
. The makeup, shades, nude clutch and stilettos elevates the bold-chic-winter ensemble to make it
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