Sheer Skinz Natural Luxury Premium Herbal Soaps: Haul & Review

Sheer Skinz Natural Luxury Premium Herbal Soaps: Haul & Review
What Sheer Skinz Natural Luxury Premium Herbal Soaps?
Sheer Skinz soaps are 100% natural and infused with
the purest extracts along with natural water and pure essential oils. The
blends of real essential oils make these body wash aroma therapeutic &
relax your body, mind & soul.
Sheer Skinz Luxurious Soaps contain selected herbs
known for their nourishing and cleansing properties without stripping natural
It provides cool refreshing effect while cleansing
& nourishes the skin naturally & gives long lasting Fragrance &
Freshness after bath.
Sheer Skinz Natural Luxury Premium Herbal Soaps Haul & Review

Price Of Sheer Skinz Natural Luxury Premium Herbal Soaps

INR 75 for 125gm
Shelf life
2 years
My Views about Sheer Skinz Natural Luxury Premium Herbal Soaps
Sheer Skinz Bengal Tuberose Natural Herbal Soap:
Ingredients list : Aloe Vera
Extract,Nagkesar Extract,Turmeric Extract,Saffron Extract,Neem Extract,Amla
Extract,Vitamin E,Glycerin,Sugar,Tuberose Essential Oil,Soap Base,Purified
This pink soap is translucent with
Tuberose fragrance. The scent is quite soothing and mild and has glycerine base.
The soap claims to be anti depressant &
improve Blood Circulation.
Sheer Skinz Niroli Lime Natural Herbal Soap:
The sweet lemon-y aroma of this handmade soap will
surely steal your heart and is best especially during summers. The fragrance and
the soap features instantly lift up the mood after every bath.
Sheer Skinz Green Tea & Mint
Natural Herbal Soap:
Green is my favourite colour and thus I have special
attraction for this Green Tea & Mint Soap. The fragrance stays real long and
lingers on the body.  Anti -oxidant property
of green tea is well known and thus this is an ideal soap to keep you feeling
cool and energetic throughout the day. Woman with dry skin will need a moisturizer
after every bath with this soap.

Sheer Skinz Aloe Vera & Neem Natural Herbal Soap

This soap has a very herbal smell
but lives up to its claim to provide all day freshness. This also helps to get
rid of body odour to some extent.
Sheer Skinz Jasmine Patchouli Natural Herbal
This Lavender and pink ombre colored
soap looks so awesome and smells exactly like jasmine. The mild and soothing
aroma lingers throughout the day.
All these soaps lather really well and
are glycerine based that helps to keep your skin soft, smooth & hydrated and
ensures proper skin nourishment. They don’t dry skin very bad but Green Tea & Mint and Aloe
Vera & Neem will need moisturizer after
every bath. These soaps don’t melt easily retaining their shape for longer
time. They are effective to take off dirt to leave your skin very clean. All
soaps are chemicals and preservatives free.  I only wish they had good packaging to retain the
soap fragrance for longer time.
 Final Verdict for Sheer Skinz Natural Luxury Premium
Herbal Soaps
Go for these awesome smelling
budget friendly soaps that are so mild on the skin. If you love handmade or
herbal soaps you’re sure to love this one!!!


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Herbal Soaps!!!

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