Importance of Gaining Child’s Lost Growth

Importance of Gaining Child’s Lost Growth
Every child’s growth is different from other but that shouldn’t be forgotten for the average Growth And Development rate. There can be several reasons for the child’s improper growth when compared to their friends. One among such many problems is lack of Proper Height And IQ Level as per their age, so it becomes quite essential to “Catch Up Growth”.

Importance of Gaining Child’s Lost Growth

Importance of Gaining Child’s Lost Growth

Why It’s Essential To Measure Growth?

It’s quite essential to take proper Measurement of your child’s height & weight at intervals to be assured about their well growth. Growth assessment can give your best idea about identifying any growth problems & monitor or assess it to take effective measures.
Importance of Gaining Child’s Lost Growth
Let’s Check Few Factors That Influence Child Growth
Factors affecting children’s growth can be broadly classified and more than one factor may be involved:
 Genetic Issue
Parents with short height are more likely to have their children with short heighted.
Environmental Problem
Many health issues & also the maternal age, economic status, mother’s smoking while pregnancy can lead to low birth weight & low growth.
Proper Nutritional
It’s important to breastfed your babies as they tend to have good growth during their initial stages when compared to some nonbreastfed infants. Proper nutrition is also quite vital among toddlers for their good mental &physical growth. Some very major factor of stunting among children is malnutrition. In some cases this factor also leads to mortality & health illness. This reason can adversely affect your children’s learning capacity and their physical development. Thus, it is necessary to include Whey protein and other nutrients are your child’s diet for proper growth & weight.
Maternal diabetes, thyroid or obesity can cause weight gain among infants or even in their later stage. Sometimes this leads to obesity or metabolic syndrome among children.
 Bad Appetite
Children with high metabolic rate ask for more food, while some with poor appetite have to feed forcefully and thus can lack much nutrition in their food. Some children are also picky eater which can cause lack of nutrition in their body and lead to poor growth.
Other Important Factors
Child can be suffering from some chronic diseases which can delay their proper growth and development.
How To Catch Up With Child’s Lost Growth?
Importance of Gaining Child’s Lost Growth
·        Encourage your child to have healthy eating habits that includes plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables & whole-grain.
·        Dairy products are must for good growth. Make smoothies, desserts, etc if your child is a picky eater.   Supplement such as Horlics Growth+ is a must that will help in gaining many nutrients.
·        Be innovation with your cooking, as they can get bored of the daily same routine food.
·        Include good amount of physical activity in your child daily routine that will help in gaining  several health benefits like bone Strengthening, good growth, reduce stress,  weight management, etc.
·        Avoid much of sedentary time like watching television, playing video games, or using internet/mobiles.
·        Consult your doctor to help your child with good growth and height.


These factors will surely help your child to “Catch Up On Lost Growth”. Also you can include Horlicks Growth Plus as a Daily Supplement for your child to regain lost growth.

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