Grace All Parties With Your Kurti Clad Chic Look

Grace All Parties With Your Kurti Clad Chic Look
One of the most difficult
situations that a woman generally faces is when she has to decide on her dress
to an occasion as grand as a wedding party. Deciding on the right outfit
sometimes takes hours and at times days of planning. If you are sick and tired
of such bitter experiences, it’s high time you gave your wardrobe a facelift.
Pull all the track pants and shorts out of it and add some really useful
clothing items like kurtis. Kurtis are an amazing dress and are so versatile
that they can be worn to literally any occasion. So, you can wear a kurti to an
occasion as important as a wedding party without appearing too casual.
Grace All Parties With Your Kurti Clad Chic Look

 But before you pick a kurti
from the market, you must remind yourself that it’s a wedding party that you
want it for and not your grandpa’s birthday celebration, so, it has to be
special. You can go for a heavy kurti having embroidered work all over the body
or one studded with heavy embellishments. Although, such kurtis are appropriate
for special occasions, they are often difficult to take proper care of. Mirrors
and other embellishments affixed to such kurtis often come off with repeated
cleaning. As a result, they lose all their charm. Hence, it’s best to go for
kurtis having minimal work.
Grace All Parties With Your Kurti Clad Chic Look
Never trust those people who
say you must wear a heavily embellished kurti to avoid looking out-of-place in
a party. They are the ones who always end up looking over the top. There are specialised
party wear kurtis
these days with rich
fabrics and attractive colour combinations that can very well be worn to all
important occasions including parties and other ceremonies.
Grace All Parties With Your Kurti Clad Chic Look
You don’t always need a loud
and gaudy embellishment on your kurti to appear special. Even fabrics can do
the trick. Materials like velvet are less often used but can offer a royal
touch to any clothing item including kurtis. You can opt for a velvet kurti
with light embroidery to set yourself apart from the crowd in a party. But make
sure you don’t try one in the summers. Velvets don’t allow body heat to escape;
as a result of which the wearer feels uncomfortable.
You should always consider
the prevailing weather conditions before opting for a particular fabric. This
is to make sure you don’t have to dump your kurti in the wardrobe just because
the heat or chill outside is preventing you from wearing it.
You should also see to it
that the kurti you have chosen to buy is the right length. Most party wear
kurtis that you come across in the market are considerably long. You may or may
not approve of long kurtis but they ooze out a formal demeanour whereas short
ones seem to befit casual use.


Grace All Parties With Your Kurti Clad Chic Look
The length of your sleeves
can also determine how you appear wearing a particular kurti. Generally, full
sleeve kurtis are best suited for parties. However, if such kurtis are not to
your liking you can also manage to look great wearing the short sleeved

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