A Guide to the Type of Shoes Every Man Should Own

A Guide to the Type of Shoes Every Man Should Own
I wonder if men envy women for having numerous choices
to accessorize their wardrobe. Or is it that they pity the women for carrying
so many things to look good while they only need to focus on their dress and a
pair of shoes. Well, I cannot go and read a man’s mind. However, I can say that
it’s quite right, unlike women; men don’t have much of options available to
accessorize their wardrobe. All they have to do is just get up and choose a
perfect dress and a matching pair of shoes before leaving the home. And as a
result, they get ready in five to ten minutes while a woman takes an hour or so
to get perfectly dressed up.
Well, a man can, however, add up the ear studs, a
funky leather bracelet, a watch or a chain to accessorize his wardrobe, but men
usually don’t prefer wearing all these stuff. So, guys, you can just buy a
perfect pair of shoes and match it with your attire to look all voguish and
impress the girls out there in a simple and classy way. However, men and shoes
are the best friends of each other since ages. It’s not only women who are
crazy about the shoes, but even men also love collecting shoes for their
closet. Snapdeal has an excellent collection of shoes for men at best-valued
prices. You can buy them and flaunt your style to the world in your way.
A Guide to the Type of Shoes Every Man Should Own

Top 5 Types of
Footwear for Men

Sports shoes: You cannot wear the office formal wears to enjoy your weekend with
friends. You can, however, try a sportswear or the sneakers for your weekend
getaways. Your casual outings will also be fun if you just go there in the pair
of sports shoes, as you can be a bit more adventurous and sporty. A navy or the
gray is always the best color you can choose for the sneakers, but then you can
always try something vibrant and funky. You can get the perfect match for your
wardrobe from Snapdeal at pocket-friendly prices. So go all sporty this season
with the sneakers on your feet.
Casual shoes: You can always carry an occasional pair of shoes and get dressed in
a refined manner anytime. The casual shoes will be your best buddy to go out on
hangouts or day outings with your friends. You can choose from the boat shoes,
printed shoes, smart casuals or the slip-ons to match your attire perfectly.
Moreover, with Snapdeal Promo Codes you can now get
the best bargain on casual shoes to choose and purchase at low prices.
Formal shoes: The gentlemen’s look is incomplete without a pair of perfect formal
shoes matching your dressing. Weddings, office, award functions or other formal
occasions are just perfect to wear the formal shoes and be the gentleman. You
can get a Lee Cooper, Red Tape, Franco Leone, Alberto Torresi or other famous
brands for formals at Snapdeal. You can choose from various styles including
The Derby, Oxford, Monk Strap or the Brogue to suit your apparels.  Tan, brown, beige or the classy black and
maroon, you can select from various color options and get ready to achieve the
best employee of the year award for your company.
A Guide to the Type of Shoes Every Man Should Own
Loafers: Loafers are loved by all men. You need to collect a solid pair of
loafers for your closet as they are the best option to wear for your
semi-formal outfits. Loafers are too versatile and elegant to match perfectly
with your attire. You could always go with a suede style tan, beige or light
brown regarding choosing the colors of a loafer. Just tuck in your shirt with
the pair of jeans or the chinos and you can slip on the loafers and voila, you
look perfect.
Slippers &
Flip Flops:
After all the parties, outings,
hangouts and office, you come to your home at the end of the day. The first
thing you search for in your home is the pair of slippers, or the relaxing flip
flops to give some rest to your feet. You can even stay barefoot, but why to
accumulate the dirt on your feet when you can feel equally relaxed with the
pair of slippers. Beach, picnics, night walks, etc. you can be comfortable with
the pair of flip flops in any of these places. You can also get a couple of
slip-ons and floaters which is quite relaxing for your feet when you are going
out to casual meetings with friends. Moreover with the Snapdeal
Offers you can save money and buy a comfortable footwear to relax and give rest
to your pretty feet.


You can also buy a pair of boots, sandals, specialty
footwear including the safety shoes and ethnic wear including the juttis,
mojris, kolhapuris, etc. for the wedding seasons. You can get one for every
occasion and just be you in a stylish manner.

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