Sporty Nail Art: OMG Nail Strips Review

Sporty Nail Art: OMG Nail Strips Review
Hi all!
Hope you all are back with your
Diwali festive mood to read my blog!  Thus
without getting you much into a read and knowledgeable stuff, the post today is
quick and easy way for Manicure with the help of OMG Nail Strips.
Sporty Nail Art OMG Nail Strips
Sporty Nail Art OMG Nail Strips


What’s OMG Nail Strips?
They look like nail wraps/stickers that
cost ($7.99). It stretches for easy application on the nails. These strips don’t
chip or crease very soon and lasts up to 10 days. Every pack has 14 nail strips;
you can also get them various design options available with Omg Nail Strips for
some quick, easy and interesting way for nail art. 
Sporty Nail Art OMG Nail Strips

Sporty Nail Art OMG Nail Strips
My views about OMG
Nail Strips
Nail wraps doesn’t attract to me
much as I sometimes find them fiddly with apply. Some also don’t fit the nails
without much filing or messing. Being lil skeptical I still wanted to try and
review OMG Nail Strips. This sporty design grasped my interest.
Just followed all the instructions mentioned
Omg Nail strips like:
using lotion
resize with  scissors
nail file when necessary
me the Application process wasn’t too easy initially, but with 1-2 try I got proper
hang of it. It’s much easier to shape or position than other stickers I have
tried till date. It also doesn’t crease. I have just used top coat and no base
coat that made the removal process a lil hectic. So, I had rather advice all to
use base co t as well. They looked so pretty on my nails and I did them on my
Goa trip…wasn’t that a perfect time?
Lovely designs
Many pattern choices
Lasts for 10 days
Needs no drying time
Easy to apply
Stretches for prevent chipping and
creasing prevention
Needs base coat before application
Slightly fiddly 

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