Omved Deep Facial Cleanser Review

Omved Deep Facial Cleanser Review
What Omved Deep Facial Cleanser claims?
A soft-foaming, pH-balanced
cleanser that effectively removes deep embedded dirt, grime and other
impurities to leave skin soft, smooth and fresh. The Omved Face Wash is an
ultra-gentle formulation that effectively cleanses without stripping the
natural oils of the skin.
*Aloe Vera nourishes and counters
*Bergamot refreshes and improves
circulation. By making pigmentation and melanin even and uniform, it helps fade
marks on the skin.
* Manjishtha is an astringent,
antibacterial, skin rejuvenator. It brings a glow and lustre to the skin. Helps
heal skin tissue.
This 100% natural herbal cleanser
is a clarifying formulation that effectively cleanses environmental pollutants,
makeup, smoke, dirt, and dust to leave skin radiant and healthy. 
Omved Deep Facial Cleanser Review

Price and quantity of Omved Deep Facial
 690 Rs for 200ml

Shelf life of Omved Deep Facial Cleanser
2 years
Ingredients list
DM water, caprylyl/cappryl
glucoside, aloe Vera juice, glycerine, aritha extract, d-panthanol, xanthan
gum, salicylic acid, lavender oil, sodium benzoate, oils of clary sage,
turmeric, oakmoss, juniper berry.
Omved Deep Facial Cleanser Review

My views about Omved Deep Facial Cleanser
This has a little strong herbal
fragrance that lingers for some time. It doesn’t foam, but cleans the face very
well. Helps to keep the T zone area oil free and maintains the natural skin
oil. The thick gel consistency of this face wash helps in easy application and
spreads nicely. I got no breakouts or any skin irritation after the usage. After
few days I observed my skin getting bit clear and reduced pigmentations. 
Omved Deep Facial Cleanser Review

PROS- Omved Deep Facial Cleanser
Suits normal to oily
Doesn’t dry skin
Cleans the skin
No acne or skin
No other side effects
Has all natural
Travel friendly
Herbal fragrance
CONS-  Omved
Deep Facial Cleanser
Not very appealing packaging
Bit costly
Final verdict for Omved Deep Facial Cleanser
I think this face wash will work the
best in summers or if you have normal to oily skin. It’s a bit pricey, but the cleaner
and less pigmented skin with this herbal cleaner is something you will love!

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