How To Make Your Curls Last All Day Long!

How To Make Your Curls Last All Day Long!
How To Make Your Curls Last All Day Long
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many times have you wished looking at your favourite celebrities that you too
had beautiful curls which lasted all day long? To start with, creating luscious
curls is a time consuming task in itself. And if the end results are all
frizzy, undefined coupled with a bad staying power, it’s like the world
couldn’t get any more unfair. To save time and efforts, you need to be aware of
some amazing tricks which will help you create lasting curls. You wouldn’t have
to worry about them losing their shape.
Pay attention to your hair
Never on earth would you have thought that even a haircut
could play a major role in defining your curls as well as holding them
throughout the day. But it does! If your hair has thick ends, there are higher
chances of your curls not staying in place. Women who have hair cut in defined
layers holds curls well. Do not ignore the texture of your hair. If they are
rough, you will need to put in much more efforts.
How To Make Your Curls Last All Day Long
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Skip conditioner
Yes! You read it right! While it’s said to skip shampoo and
conditioner all together as fresh hair don’t make curls stay for longer, but you
can manage with shampoo. Don’t condition your hair with a hair masque or
conditioner to get curls that stay for a longer period of time.
Make use of dry shampoo
If you have stubborn hair that make creating curls real
tough, it’s best that you skip shampooing too on that very day. To lend a fresh
look to your hair, take advantage of dry shampoo. Spray it from an appropriate
distance to soak away the oil on your scalp and then begin with the curling ritual.
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How To Make Your Curls Last All Day Long
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Use prepping products
Another mistake which many women make is not using the right
prepping products and some not using them at all. If your hair lacks volume,
use a volumizing mousse to create a thickening effect. Use a hair spray, let it
dry and then start curling your hair to create long lasting curls. This
technique works wonders. Although use a small amount during this step. Get such
hair styling products according to your needs on India’s mega online store i.e.
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How To Make Your Curls Last All Day Long
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Adopt the right curling
iron and technique
If you have been following the above mentioned tricks and
still struggling with keeping curls in place, chances are that you have been
using the wrong curling iron and techniques. There are tons of youtube
tutorials today which tell how to choose the right one according to your level
of easiness and hair texture. Then there are beauty gurus who offer the best
techniques on how to curl hair properly.
How To Make Your Curls Last All Day Long
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Make best friends with
Bobby pins
This technique was rolled out in Cosmopolitan magazine and
has saved precious time and efforts of countless number of women. It’s a life
saver trick and I’m saying this because it changed the curling game for me too.
When you have curled a portion of your hair, curl it around your finger, pin it
to your head using a bobby pin and then remove it after some 10 minutes. Do
this for all the fresh curls you do. And you will be shocked by the awesome
How To Make Your Curls Last All Day Long
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Spray, spray!
Once you have done all of this, secure your curls with a
generous dose of hairspray. Give them a final touch with hair spray and you are
done! There are hair sprays available that have a shine property which lend a natural
shine to hair. They also work wonderfully. Go for ones that offer ultra-hold.

get ready to make an instant style statement at your party! 

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