Ezebee.Com- Sell & Buy Crafts Globally

Ezebee.Com- Sell & Buy Crafts Globally
Do you love online shopping? I am sure we all
girlies do! We shop from various portals to buy our most loved things. Have you
ever thought about the hard work and efforts that these sellers put to get you
these products? Some very hardworking sellers for good handmade and beautiful
products may not reach to you for the investment they can’t put in the
advertisement process. This is where ezebee.com comes into the picture that
helps small business to expand globally. 
If you are into a crafting business or arts thing
lover- who love to buy or sell  any
unique masterpieces this website is truly recommended.


What’s Ezebee.Com ?

was found in the year 2012 by- Ossian Vogel and Frank de Vries. This helps you
gain the complete pros of free online marketing and provide socially
interactive platform for the sellers & buyers. This has vendors spreading
from more than 35 countries, especially from the U.S. & Spain. Ezebee.com gives a platform to all its
clients to get the best profits for their effort & investment.


Ezebee.Com For Buyers

you are visiting this site for the 1st time, small video on the
website’s right will help you know about the website. The portal looks very neat,
clean and is surely eye catchy. The colour combination of white and pastel
shades gives it a very descent look. As you land on the page, there are options
Language selection
Search box
Tiled  products categories
Today’s featured
Recent members
that have joined
Ezebee.Com- Sell & Buy Crafts Globally

Now as you type your favorite local city in the search box, you get 4 tabs as:
Shop in Mumbai:
you get to see some random products with the categories tab on the left side.  
Flea market:
you will get to see all the classified of your chosen city here.
Swap for EZB’s:
just very similar page to ‘shop in Mumbai’ but has swap for EZB’s option.
Connect with people from Mumbai: This page shows all lists of sellers with their shop
names and the recent members. You can filter as per the gender, name or region.

Ezebee.Com- Sell & Buy Crafts Globally

Ezebee.Com For Sellers

online shopping portal lets users or any small businesses to open their showroom
that very much looks like personal. This is an awesome way to have a website
for the business that can’t open or run own website. And it’s all for free!  Ezebee.com also provides with global platform
to the seller to showcase and sell their arts and crafts online worldwide.

I created an account of my ‘CAD TRAINING INSTITUTE– MILESTONE’ for
classified and the process was very easy. It’s all for free and I wasn’t
charged a single penny from any leads. 


You can also share your showroom items
on the social Medias and link your Ezebee store to the Facebook page. Ezebee.com has Blog Shop App
that you can get for free to gain even more customers.

Ezebee.Com- Sell & Buy Crafts Globally

Seller’s profile- Ezebee
every product there is an item description landing page that gives all info
about selected product, its seller, the location, any shipping charges, likes
by others, any other product from the seller, etc. They also have an option for
blogging that lets you keep your updates for the products. 
Ezebee.Com- Sell & Buy Crafts Globally
 Item description on Ezebee
Payments Are Done By:
EZBs- Paying with
EZBs is free, immediate and very simple. This is an internal swapping currency
method to make easy swapping & international business. Use your EZBs for
shopping or to pay for any premium options without bank transfers.
Other payment
method (as chosen by seller)

§  Interaction platform
for buyers and seller
§  Professional
§  Global platform
§  Easy navigation
§  Clean website
§  Local search available
§  Easy to use

§  No buyer or purchase
protection from the  sellers/ ezebee.com 
§  Slow loading

Have you checked ezebee.com? Go find
the loved items in your city without any hassle! Sign up now for ezebee.com with the link HERE
Ezebee.Com- Sell & Buy Crafts Globally

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