5 Best Ways To Maintain Baby’s Skin Soft

5 Best Ways To Maintain Baby’s Skin Soft
The day when I had my lil angel in my arms for the 1st
time, it felt so soft like a feather and that remained the same for the first few
months. I and my hubby always loved to rub our cheeks against hers in
amazement. While we also knew that softness wouldn’t remain forever.
5 Best Ways To Maintain Baby's Skin Soft
I had read many articles and knew that baby’s skin is
covered with vernix while they are born that protects them from amniotic fluid
when in a womb. Unfortunately, this ultra-moisturizing effect doesn’t last long. But
there are many ways to keep the baby’s skin soft, smooth and super silky.

Below are some very easy tips that help me keep my little one’s skin
super soft, in fact even my baby’s bottom.
1. Post-Bath Massage:  Massages are considered the best to start and
maintain a bond with a new baby. This is also a good way to maintain their skin
softness. As per my mom’s knowledge, it’s always best to massage your baby after giving a bath, as the baby’s skin gets plumped up & hydrated that
can hold the oil/lotion moisture very well.
2. Sun Protection:  Babies till the age of 6 months must be kept
out of the direct sunlight. Make sure to use sunscreen on the small body parts
like face, back and hands or carry an umbrella. My baby is over 6 months and
thus I apply sunscreen after doing a small patch test on her back to ensure she
isn’t allergic. For my baby, while stepping out in the sun I make sure to carry hats,
long-sleeved clothing that is of cotton and lightweight.
5 Best Ways To Maintain Baby's Skin Soft
3. Diaper Rash Prevention: Little rashes
can surely be ignored, but not every time!  I keep in mind some very small tips to lower the
chances of diaper rash like changing her diapers every 4 hours, changing the
poop diaper immediately, cleaning the baby’s bottom very well, and use of diaper
cream if needed. Also, the quality of the diaper matters a lot in preventing
diaper rash. I trust pampers!
5 Best Ways To Maintain Baby's Skin Soft
“Pampers brings you
the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft
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4. Baby-Friendly Products: Make sure the products
that you use on your baby are very gentle and doesn’t contain any dangerous
chemicals. You can avoid talc, scented and lanolin contained products as they may
irritate your baby’s soft skin.
5 Best Ways To Maintain Baby's Skin Soft
5. Mild Cleanser: Bathe your little one with
mild baby cleansers with ph-balanced that’s designed for especially for
newborn’s sensitive skin and hair.
What’s your idea of keeping your baby’s skin super soft? Do comment


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