Top Reasons To Get Sporty With Sportsjig

Top Reasons To Get Sporty With Sportsjig
Playing sports can be fun for a child, teenage or
even an adult. Some sports like Volleyball, badminton, swimming, kickball, and
basketball can be played in team while gaining many health
and psychological benefits.
Thinking why to add sports in your very busy
schedule? Well, we have some reasons that will help you gain benefits with Sportsjig.


What’s Sportsjig?
 SportsJig is
an app that helps you to discover Play Spaces around you! Isn’t that
interesting? So, get out of your house and be a little sporty to freshen
yourself. How to participate #ReclaimYourSpace?
Just download the app from Google play
Enter into the app
Discover or locate your loved space
You can create a play space, sports
event or even invite childhood buddies. 



Now Your Favourite Sports Ground In Your Pocket 
play sports Sportsjig


Why choose Sportsjig?
1. Get Involved In Activities:
you can join any game or event as per you choice to stay fit and healthy.  Reveal your sporty side and get physical!
2. Increased Desire To Get Fit:
so what if aren’t in a practice to play a certain sport for long? Meeting new team
members will surely encourage you to get in better shape.
3. Meet New Mates: we surely keep meeting
people at our work places, online or at the locality. But, playing out with
your teammates can be the best time. Even if you are new to city or need a play
venue and meet people of your age and interests Sportsjig can be useful too!
4. Learning Teamwork: Teamwork in sports can
help you learn and work better with each other. You will learn about your team
players, their nature, form bonds that will be helpful to boost your teamwork
skills in official work as well.
5. For Fun: Playing sports in a team
is surely a fun time. It’s a great stress relief and best way to take a break
from your usual routine.  This adds up to
your self-esteem and boosts positive energy in your healthy life.
You can download Sportsjig app from:
Google Play at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jigserv.sportsjig
iPhone app at:


My views about Sportsjig
Get this app to connect with new or your old friends
to play sports. You also get to create your own sports event or join the already
running events / carnivals. This app will surely help all to live life in the
healthy and sporty way. In fact, it can be the best way to get rid of your
boredom and make new friends while you enjoy your sport!
Don’t forget to join SUPER SUNDAY
– a Sports
where you can play 10+ sports under one roof!


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Bootcamp · Table Tennis · Volleyball · Parkour · Badminton · Running · Cycling
· Dance
play sports Sportsjig

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