Sheer Care Milky Clay Soap Review

Sheer Care Milky Clay Soap Review
Sheer Care Milky
Clay Soap claims?
milky creamy bar with buttermilk and cow milk rich in lactic acid gently
exfoliates skin. Along with nourishing oils, papaya is added to this soap for
its skin beautifying qualities.
Sheer Care Milky Clay Soap Review

Price and
quantity of Sheer Care Milky Clay Soap

canola oil,castor oil,coconut oil,olive oil,buttermilk,papaya puree,cow
milk,red clay,pink clay,sandalwood fragrance oil

Sheer Care Milky Clay Soap Review
My views about Sheer
Care Milky Clay Soap
soap bar comes wrapped in a transparent plastic sheet. The colour of the bar is
off white and red that makes it look handmade and very organic. I wish the
packaging was much better as it looked like any ordinary cheap soap ones. The soap
lathers and spreads very well but the smell is again something that I hated. It
smelled like any clothes washing bar and not even had a hint of good smell in it. This soap
does good cleansing work without making my skin feel itchy or dry post its usage.
I like its ayurvedic ingredients and I hope they are true to do all the good
things as claimed by the brand. What I liked about the bar was that its size
fitted in my hand really well for good application.

Pros of Sheer
Care Milky Clay Soap
soap with many good natural ingredients
skin feel soft after usage
all skin types
of the bar is good to hold well in hand

Cons of Sheer
Care Milky Clay Soap none
scent at all
Final verdict Sheer
Care Milky Clay Soap
I may or may not buy this again for its fragrance. But if you are an organic
and handmade soap fan get this to avail the goodness of many natural ingredients
and feel soft skin!!

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