Is “Talvar” A Family Movie?

Is “Talvar” A Family Movie?
 Last Friday,
on September 25, 2015 I got to attend the special screening
of the upcoming movie “Talvar”
which was arranged by the Blogmint
team. The event happened at the “Lightbox theatre”,
Santacruz Mumbai
. As the venue was quite close to my location, I
managed to reach there on time… (For the 1st timeJ).
Of course I didn’t wanted to miss the chance to watch the special screening of
much talked movie and also enjoy it with many blogger mates.

This article is about my opinion of the movie and
the way it portrays the case & facts  
This Hindi film is based on the “Murder
Mystery” of Arushi Murder Case
. Director Meghna
movie will be officially releasing on 2nd
October 2015
in all the Indian theatres. The script is written by
Vishal Bhardwaj

This film will surely leave a very great impact on
all its audience. The story is related to the family whose girl aged fourteen years
is murdered. Thus her parents go through trauma after the murder
and the movie also highlights some social
faced in the event. This murder case is initially solved by
the team of police and then with the help of two CDI teams.
movie has very popular and renowned actors like 
Irrfan Khan(real life
investigator), Arun Kumar, Neeraj Kabi (Rajesh Talwar, Aarushi’s
father) and  Konkona
Sen Sharma
(Nupur Talwar, Aarushi’s mother). This ensures best
portrayal of their character to the perfection.

According to me, this movie is a must watch for every
parents and kids. This is an honest movie based on the real story “Arushi’s Murder Case” and gives its
audience a sensitive subject and makes
them think on the movie.  This powerful film has amazing graphic details, while the film actually
stuck to the real story without adding
much extra things for more drama.  
Catch some very incredible dialogues
of this movie that’s already being showed in “Talvar” Trailer.  
Do watch the movie “Talvar”
with your family and friends that releases
in India on 2nd October 2015. #TalvarThisFriday

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