IHA Body Radiance Massage Oil Review

IHA Body Radiance Massage Oil Review
While this is a Body Radiance
Massage Oil, it can also be used as hair oil. I use regularly for my hair
oiling and let’s check the results. 
IHA Body Radiance Massage Oil Review

What IHA Body Radiance Massage Oil claims?
blended to invigorate and revitalize the skin on cellular level. The ayurvedic
actives contained in Body Radiance Oil provides the skin with vital nutrients
much needed for a healthy, radiant and young looking skin. This body oil is
ideal for dry, tiered and tensed muscles as it quickly penetrates the skin and
helps to relieve faitgued & stressed muscles. Though useful in general body
aches & pains, try Body Radiance Oil for head & scalp massage too, to
relieve tension & head ache and sleeplessness. 

IHA Body Radiance Massage Oil Review

Price and quantity of IHA Body Radiance Massage
Rs 200 for 125 ml
Ingredients list:
Kundru, Mahabala, Nirgundi,
Guggulu, Atasi, Brahmi, Sankhpushpi, Tila Tail. 
IHA Body Radiance Massage Oil Review

My views about IHA Body Radiance Massage Oil
This colour of the massage oil is brown
and comes in a see through plastic bottle.
The oil has perfect consistency that
helps in easy application without dripping or causing any stickiness on the
hair. It smells too herbal and refreshes like the hair spa treatment. My hair
and scalp gets deep moisturizing with all its ayurvedic ingredients. The oil
gets absorbed within few minutes while the scent of oil lingers for the entire
Herbal fragrance lovers will love this!!! The oil surely helps in getting rid
of dry hair, cure body aches and de-stress my mind after every application.  
No idea if the oil helps to add radiance
or glow to the skin, but I have applied it during my body aches and it does
help a lot! 
IHA Body Radiance Massage Oil Review

Pocket friendly
Oil works well on body
and head both.
Ayurvedic smell
Good consistency
Relieves body ache
Not sure about the body
Final verdict for IHA Body Radiance Massage Oil

Will surely recommend all ayurvedic
and herbal lovers to use this massage oil for regular use. The best part is- it
works on both head and both, so you actually save a lot of your penny while the
results are also good!

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