White Tone Face Powder Review

White Tone Face Powder Review
What White tone face powder
Fogg White Tone Face Powder gives
Smooth Feel, Matte Look, Minimizes Minor Blemishes, Looks Natural, With Softshade
White Tone Face Powder Review

 Price of Whitetone face powder:
Rs. 55 Rupees for 30 g

White Tone Face Powder Review

My views about White tone
face powder:
You get this powder in small plastic
flip top caped bottle.  The colour is
white like any other talc face powder. It has a fine and satin texture with
ponds talc smell.  On application t feels
like you feel on applying any other body powder on the face. Gives an
artificial fair look to some extent and also adds an ashy tone as well. In fact,
it’s not even suitable for fair skin tone. Dry skin beauties can stay away from
this product as it enhances the dryness.
White Tone Face Powder Review

White Tone Face Powder Review

Whitetone face powder-
Satiny finish
Pocket friendly
White tone face powder-
Cause dryness
Adds ashy white
Ok Smell
Ratings: 1.5/5
Final verdict for White
tone face powder:

Can be used if you have been using
talc’s on your face for long. But, not if you are looking soothing like works
as compact powder. This gives a very unnatural fairness with ashy white look to
the face.  

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