Soulflower Jasmine Soap Review

Soulflower Jasmine Soap Review

What Soulflower
Jasmine Soap claims?

Our soap has alluring aphrodisiac aroma. What you
may not know is that it also reduces muscle stiffness, sprains & other
physical aches. Treats headaches, coughs & breathing difficulties.
This soap improves skin elasticity, helping to
reduce visibility of scars & stretch marks. It leaves your skin gently
cleansed & lightly perfumed as you leave the bath. Use to reduce greasy
skin, while soothing dry, sensitive & irritated skin.Get relaxed and
tension free by using our soap. 
Soulflower Jasmine Soap:


essential oil, fresh jasmine flowers, Vitamin E, glycerin, aqua, saponified
oils of olive, coconut, castor, palm & palm kernel.

of Soulflower Jasmine Soap – Rs. 200 for 150 g 

Soulflower Jasmine Soap:

My views
about Soulflower Jasmine Soap:

The soap is white colored that also has few brownish
jasmine particles. Its natural & 100% vegan that has that has strong
jasmine fragrance to hit my nose. Dries out the face but works well for body. Good
lather and spreads really well to clean the face and body parts. Brightens the
skin to some extent with regular use and takes off dirt effectively. But, the
luxury bathing experience doesn’t linger for more than 5 minutes. It claims to heal
scars, acne, improve elasticity, and treat coughs and headaches.


Soulflower Jasmine Soap:

Soulflower Jasmine Soap:

1) Strong fragrance
2) Vegan and natural
3) Cleanses the body and face effectively
4) Takes off dirt from the skin

Soulflower Jasmine Soap:

1) Melts in very few days.
2) Fragrance doesn’t linger
3) Little Pricey
4) Dries out the my skin

verdict for Soulflower Jasmine Soap:

Jasmine flowers fragrance lover can go and get this soap,
but don’t expect lingering scent. Good for Sensitive skin but dry skin needs to
be moisturized.  


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