Do You Want To Know The New Best Selfie Phone?!

Do You Want To Know The New Best Selfie Phone?!
Beauty and fashion bloggers can have a whole lot of confusion while they hunt for the perfect phone. As they need
to get the task done right at a swipe while their camera isn’t handy. Thus a super-duper phone
becomes a must-must for tem! But, guess what? I have come across a phone that
will surely fulfil all your needs handy, while this being a very thin and light at the same time! 
The recent launch
of ZenFone Selfie(ZD551KL) is something that
you will LOVE to buy for awesome
features. The most fancy thing about this phone is—-“CAMERA”! Its superb selfie features are something that
we drooled for. We just couldn’t resist the clicks that are in my mind with the
tiny-though-so-capturing lenses. The phone is yet to launch but I have few
selfie styles that can be tried while I get the amazing innovative sefie phone
in my hands!
1. Anytime Selfie
Shots for  “good morning with my
cuppa” “my ootd things” “look the flower bloomed” can just be too perfect
with just one click to get the perfect take each time secret shared: “I also
use my front camera for  a mirror substitute.. How handy right?  
Taking a good picture is very important with the help of proper angle, perfect
lighting, editing. This ensured for a great camera, isn’t it? And I bet you won’t
regret buying ZenFone Selfie to get fab
pictures for its Laser Auto-Focus and many other

3. Group Selfie

Of course you don’t expect anyone to be missed from the pic while you
take a groupie…until you really have a tall friend as i do! But, don’t worry,
here is a solution. You can switch to 5 second-timer feature in this phone to get great resolution and series of quick snaps!

4. Shoefie blogger?
None of our outfit is complete without a perfect pair of shoes to get
much attention. The front and rear 13-megapixel camera will surely get you best
clarity and sharpness with 2.0 apertures.
5. Picture-Picture!
This selfie is vogue while you also don’t have to keep yourself waiting
to get pics from friends via WhatsApp, FB or Bluetooth! The low-light mode
feature lets you capture natural looking shots. 
6. Wide-Angled Shot
 Selfie just isn’t about showing
our face but also the entire backgrounds sometimes.  So here’s a phone that has made the wish come
very true! This has 88 degree viewing
for best quality and crisp shots. 
7. Quicky Shot
Just got your favourite candid movement around or want to
capture your best moment in a jiffy? This super camera will surely help you
take all these best candid pics, without much hassle. Thinking to open your
lock and then the camera? Wait… with this phone you can just swipe an S shape on your screen to quickly activate
your front camera for insta-selfie mode. <3
8. Macro shot!
Sometimes getting the close view is much fun and adds detail to the
image. The macro mode allows you to take
for shots as even close as 6cm. Now that’s what I call a perfect phone. Do
girls let others feel envy with your macro shots for jewellery, watches, brands…?

9. Long lasting
A camera isn’t complete without its battery. Thus, it needs a longer life which is fulfils by ZenFone Selfie.
Now you can keep taking retakes of your selfie without any battery running out

* The ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL) has been reviewed by
MRBB. A trailblazing fusion of fashion, technology and craftsmanship
that melds the finest front and rear cameras, multiple special shooting modes,
fluid ZenUI interface and a stunning, detail-rich display for an unique selfie
experience that captures the perfect you. This will be launched on 8th
August, 2015 in Mumbai. 

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