How To Get #SpinzBanTheTan skin: Anniversary special

How To Get #SpinzBanTheTan skin: Anniversary special
Hello all,
The few days after the real hustle-bustle planning
and a beautiful event of my baby’s birthday….I was too tired and needed some
rest. With the huge shopping spree on the hot days of Mumbai my skin was left
all tanned. Many moms will surely relate…Ihardly get time to take care of my
skin…no proper skin care like applying face packs, scrubbing, salon visits, etc
is possible. Also my anniversary was approaching and I obviously wanted to look
good on the day. And then one fine eveningI get a saviour product delivered at
my address “Spinz Sun Tan Remover
Instant De Tan Cream
What’s this?….READ BELOW!!!
Sun tanning & skin darkening is faced by most of
us who stay in India. Obviously we don’t want to look dark or dull. Thus, this
new product by CK that is a cream face pack and does not contain bleach is just
what we need. It is to be applied on your face & trust me within 5 min it
detans the skin by taking off the all tan.

SpinzBanTheTan skin


Price of Spinz Sun Tan Remover Instant De Tan Cream:
49 Rs for 25 g pack
50 g for 89 Rs.
SpinzBanTheTan skin


How To Get #SpinzBanTheTan skin:
This comes in a creamy texture and is
white in colour.
Just wet your skin with normal water and
apply it like any other face pack with finger tips.
You can apply this to several parts of
your body like legs, hands, feet, etc.
Avoid the eyes areas
Leave it on for 5 minutes
Take this off with a help of tissue.
Wash offyour face.
You may feel mild tingling sensation that
is normal.
Avoid using the product for more than one
time a day.
Don’t expect to get a bleached facial skin, as it isn’t a bleach cream.
Check how I applied on my face and neck….I know
it’s quite rough application…but was in a hurry! Hope I ain’t scarring you!!

SpinzBanTheTan skin


You can also see this video to know the best way to use:


My views on using Spinz Sun Tan Remover Instant De Tan Cream:
This came to me as a huge saviour to detan my skin,
as I hardly get time to go to the parlour or even to do anything at home. The
veryreasonable way to detan the skin is surely affordable for many college girls
as well or the ones who participate in loads of outdoor activities. I have
tried this for a week and detanning claim works to some extent.
The ingredients list has malic acid, lactic acid, Vitamin
C, few botanical extracts andchemicals. They help to lighten the skin and also
get rid of sun tan.
By the way I am also sharing my anniversary pics
below which have no parlour skin care but the detanning of the skin with Spinz
Sun Tan Remover Instant De Tan Cream.  Get more info about this HERE
SpinzBanTheTan skin
Hope you liked the post… Do express your views


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